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In Hogwarts Legacy, you can equip your character with countless gear items, grow plants from seeds, customize the Room of Requirement and Vivarium, and much, much more. But, in order to take full advantage of any of that, you will need to use vendors in order to purchase a wide variety of things.

There are several vendors scattered throughout Hogwarts Legacy, but Hogsmeade will be your primary shopping location — everything you need is located within easy walking distance in the game’s main village.

Luckily, to make up for the large number of shops in Hogwarts Legacy, each is simple to navigate. To access most shops, you just need to speak to their shopkeeper, which will open their inventory. From here, you can choose to either purchase or sell items.

Under the “purchase” menu, the items available for purchase will be categorized. If there are any items needed for a quest, they will be under the category “Supplies” at the top of the purchase menu, otherwise, every item will be sorted by type. The cost of each item is displayed at the top right of the shop menu, whether buying or selling.

Some shops, such as Ollivander’s and Gringotts Wizarding Bank, are accessible during story segments and do not serve as inventory vendors in the same way as other shops do.

Run by Gerbold Ollivander, this is where you can in order to select your wand. You will stop by Ollivander’s early in the story, after being sent to Hogsmeade for the first time to gather supplies, making this shop basically impossible to miss. After arriving at Ollivander’s, Gerbold Ollivander will help you select your wand, allowing you to customize it in a few ways:

  • Wand Style, where you can select the shape and color of your wand
  • Wood Type, where you can select the wood type, wand length, and flexibility
  • Wand Core Options, where you can select between Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather cores
ollivanders location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Thomas Brown, Tomes and Scrolls is your go-to for Spellcrafts, which you can use in the Room of Requirement to summon all sorts of items. At Tomes and Scrolls, you can purchase the following items:

  • Potting Table with a Small Pot Free (Supplies)
  • Small Potions Station Free (Supplies)
  • Potting Table with Three Small Pots Spellcraft – 400ui t galleons
  • Beat Toybox Spellcraft – 500ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With a Medium Pot Spellcraft – 750ui t galleons
  • Dung Composter Spellcraft – 1000ui t galleons
  • Medium Potions Station Spellcraft 1000ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With a Large Pot Spellcraft – 1000ui t galleons
  • Beast Feeder Spellcraft – 1200ui t galleons
  • Material Refiner Spellcraft – 1500ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With Two Medium Pots Spellcraft – 1500ui t galleons
  • Chopping Station Spellcraft – 1500ui t galleons
  • T-Shaped Scientific Potion Station Spellcraft – 2000ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With Five Small Pots Spellcraft – 2500ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With Two Large Pots Spellcraft – 3000ui t galleons
  • Potting Table With Three Medium Pots Spellcraft – 3000ui t galleons
  • Hopping Pot Spellcraft – 3000ui t galleons
tomes and scrolls location hogwarts legacy vendors map

The Magic Neep – Planting Shop

Run by Timothy Teasdale, the Magic Neep is where you go for planting supplies including seed packets, potion ingredients, and a few Room of Requirement conjuration scrolls. At the Magic Neep, you can purchase the following items:

Fertiliser x2 – 300ui t galleons

the magic neep location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Parry Pippin, J. Pippin’s Potions is where you can purchase Potion Recipes and Ingredients, as well as Potions themselves. Potions are found under “Combat Tools.” At J. Pippin’s Potions, you can purchase the following items:

j pippins potions location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Augustus Hill, Gladrags Wizardwear is where you can go to purchase new wearable gear for your character.

The various pieces of equipment you can purchase from Gladrags cycle every few days, with the prices as follows:

  • Superb Gear – 200 ui t galleons
  • Extraordinary Gear – 375 ui t galleons
  • Legendary Gear – 500ui t galleons
gladrags wizardwear location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Calliope Snelling, Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium is the place you can go in order to customize your hairstyle after initial character creation. This will allow you to change the appearance of your character mid-game, in case you grow tired of it or think a different aesthetic would be more fitting.

madam snellings tress emporium location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Brood and Peck is the shop where you can go in order to get crafting items related to Beast Care, in case you don’t want to use the Vivarium but still need materials to upgrade your gear.

brood and peck location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Albie Weekes, this is where you can purchase new brooms. Given broom flight is one of your main methods of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy, this is likely to be a very important shop for you, especially if you end up doing the broom race questline, or help Albie with his flight test. Even though Quidditch didn’t find its way into Hogwarts Legacy, you can never go wrong with a nicer broom.

spintwitchess porting location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Zonko’s store is where wizards (such as Fred and George in the original series) go to get pranks and other fun gadgets, which they can then take back to Hogwarts to use to torment other students. Sadly, you can’t actually buy anything here, but you can still walk around and enjoy the atmosphere of the shop.

zonkos joke shop location hogwarts legacy

Hog’s Head Tavern was present in the original Harry Potter series as the location that is more run-down than Three Broomsticks, where they also serve butterbeer. Except for being home to a Field Guide page, there isn’t much to do here besides look around.

hogs head location hogwarts legacy

This is where you can purchase various Plants and Seeds, making it one of the two Herbology-related shops in Hogsmeade (the other being the Magic Neep). While the Magic Neep has Potion-related plants, Dogweed and Deathcap offers Combat Plant seeds, as well as the plants themselves.

Fertiliser x2 – 300ui t galleons

dogweed and deathcap location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Like Zonko’s, you can go into Honeydukes, but you can’t actually purchase anything — still, visiting classic locations from the Wizarding World is always fun!

honeydukes location hogwarts legacy vendors map

Run by Sirona Ryan, the Three Broomsticks is where you can go to purchase Butterbeer (don’t worry about drinking underage). Several times throughout the story, characters will invite you here, and it becomes a frequent location for cutscenes.

three broomsticks location hogwarts legacy vendors map

You can find a field guide page here, but it’s another location that’s mostly just for show — the Room of Requirement seems to automate Cauldron-having.

This shop has an Eye Chest and a Demiguise Statue, so it’s worth checking out even if you aren’t interested in watching the shopkeeper tinker with magic items.

Run by Ethel Wigley, students get school supplies here. In the Wizarding World, quills can be used to automatically dictate dialogue, and are often used for note taking. However, given the dearth of actual note-taking in Hogwarts Legacy, this is simply another place to find a Field Guide page.

The place where wealth is stored in the Wizarding World, Gringott’s Bank has been an institution for centuries. It is also the location of Vault 12, where ancient secrets lie. You will visit Gringott’s during the main story.

Tied into the exclusive PlayStation 5 quest, the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop is an old clothing shop that is haunted by some nefarious force, and the location of the aforementioned exclusive quest.

hogwarts legacy mind your own business map

Now that you know all about the various shops in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to head to Hogsmeade and go on a shopping spree! After that, come back to check out our other guides on all things Hogwarts Legacy, including quests, characters, items, and more!

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