Spot Removal – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

There is an frustrated Hufflepuff outside of Dogweed and Deathcap, who is trying to make beauty products. Unfortunately, she lacks a critical ingredient, and doesn’t want to go get it herself. Well, someone has to do it.

To begin Spot Removal, you’ll need to speak with Sacharissa Tugwood (playstation square button/button xbox x v2), a beauty-obsessed Hufflepuff with a bit of a superiority complex. She will tell you that she is developing a beauty cream to help her fellow classmates look better, but she is lacking a critical ingredient: Bubotubers.

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In order to get the Bubotubers she needs, you’ll have to go into the Forbidden Forest and collect them yourself. She would do it, of course, but she doesn’t want to.

You can head to the market on your minimap and world map, in the Forbidden Forest. Once you get there, you’ll enter into a purple circle on your minimap, where you’ll need to locate the Bubotubers yourself.

hogwarts legacy spot removal 2 1 go to forbidden forest 1
The fastest way to get to the Forbidden Forest from any Floo Flame is via broom

Once you are in the area where the Bubotubers are, start by casting Revelio (button xbox dpad left). Look for blue auras, which will mark where the Bubotubers are. Most of the plants you need are at lower elevations, so make sure to look down if you can’t find them immediately. The first three of the five Bubotubers you need grow very close to each other, outside of a cave, and can be picked up with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

The last two Bubotubers, which you can find by going into a cave, are a little bit more dangerous. Before entering the cave, you might want to cast Disillusionment, becase the cave is guarded by a Forest Troll. While hiding, you will be able to go into the cave and grab both of the Bubotubers — one to the left and one to the right — without the troll noticing.

Of course, if you want to take on the troll for a quest, challenge, experience, or troll bogeys, there is nothing stopping you. Aside from the troll, of course.

After you’ve acquired all five Bubotubers, you can head back to Sacharissa Tugwood in Hogsmeade. Talk to her with playstation square button/button xbox x v2 in order to give her the plants.

hogwarts legacy spot removal 5 1 return to sacharissa tugwood 1

After you finish speaking with Sacharissa Tugwood, you will have completed Spot Remove. Maybe Sacharissa can use the beauty cream she’s making on her personality.

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