Welcome to Hogsmeade – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

In this walkthrough of the main story quest “Welcome to Hogsmeade”, we’ll help you get to Hogsmeade and complete your shopping trip, which includes getting yourself a wand at Ollivander’s!

To begin this quest, you’ll need to make your way to the Bell Tower Wing, where you’ll meet the companion you selected at the end of Weasley After Class. Either find a nearby Floo Flame, or tap button xbox dpad upto be guided to the entrance of the castle. Once you reach Natty/Sebastian, press playstation square button/button xbox x v2to speak with them.

map location quest start welcome to hogsmeade hogwarts legacy quest v2

Happily, NPCs will actually run if you run, so feel free to jog along with your companion as they lead you out of the north gate. Make sure you grab the Floo Flame on the left side of the gate as you leave (1)! After following the road for a bit, your companion will lead you off the path to the left, where you’ll be able to pick up some Lacewing Flies by pressing playstation square button/button xbox x v2 where the small white diamond appears on the bushes (2) — just walk up to the bushes and a prompt will appear.

Harvest the other two bushes as well, then continue following your companion down the path. Keep an eye on both sides of the path — you’ll see more white diamonds indicating harvestable plants as you continue towards the bridge. Feel free to listen in to the conversation the students by the bridge are having, then cross it and keep following your pal. Don’t miss the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame near the lamp as you follow the road, and continue harvesting plants from either side of it.

You’ll come across Gladwin Moon, and your companion will stop and talk to him briefly. Just ahead on your left in a crack in the rocks is some Moonstone — point your camera towards it and it will be highlighted, and you can then press playstation r2 button to destroy it. Make sure you’re close enough to it that you collect it!

moonstone by road hogwarts legacy welcome to hogsmeade quest
The moonstone

Keep following the road, and soon you’ll finally reach the bridge that leads into the iconic Wizarding World locale. Keep following Natty until you enter a conversation.

When it ends, you’re free to shop in any order you like. You need to go to the following locatons (which we’ve labeled on the map below for your convenience):

  • Tomes and Scrolls
    • Press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to speak with Thomas Brown, and then “purchase” the two free Spellcrafts: Potting Table with a Small Pot, and Small Potions Station
  • Ollivanders
    • In this shop, walk up to the counter and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2to ring the bell. A cutscene will play, and then you’ll be able to customize a wand to your liking.
  • J. Pippin’s Potions
    • Press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to speak with J. Pippin, and then “purchase” the two free recipes: Edurus Potion Recipe, and Wiggenweld Potion Recipe
  • The Magic Neep
    • Press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to speak with Timothy Teasdale, then “purchase” the free Dittany Seed.

Note that can put your cursor on top of a shop and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to create a waypoint, making it easier to reach each shop.

map for shopping hogwarts legacy welcome to hogsmeade quest

Once you’ve done your shopping, follow the yellow dotted line on your minimap and return to the center of town. Speak with your companion and a cutscene will start, during which you’ll learn that you have to press playstation circle button/button xbox b v2 to dodge.

When the cutscene ends, you’ll have to fight the Armoured Troll, who’s a pretty tough fight given how little combat practice you’ve had so far!

After you defeat the Troll, Ruth Singer will compliment your skills, then ask that you help “put the town back together”. Naturally, this will require casting Reparo. Find the 7 different targetable piles of rubble — we’ve put them all below to make it easier to find them — and then cast Reparo on them. You’ll know you’re targeting a rubble pile when its outline becomes white. Note the minimap location on each image if you’re having trouble finding the rubble in question! Casting Revelio will make the rubble glow blue, as well.

After cleaning up the town, head across the square to the store — Gladrags Wizardwear — indicated by the objective marker. Inside, talk to the man behind the counter, Augustus Hill. He’ll give you a chance to “purchase” a set of Traditional School Robes for free, so take advantage of his generosity. The game will then prompt you to go into the gear menu — press playstation options button/button xbox pause to do so.

You’ll get a brief rundown on stats, and then you’ll need to select the Cloaks and Robes slot and press playstation x button/button xbox a v2. Then put the cursor over your new robes, and press playstation x button/button xbox a v2 again to equip them.

Your companion will follow you out of the shop. Then, it’s your turn to follow them, as they lead you to the Three Broomsticks. A cutscene will start after just a moment, and when it ends you’ll be in the Three Broomsticks. Sadly, you don’t get to enjoy your Butterbeer — you’ll need to go outside to continue your chat with your companion. Follow them away from the entrance of the tavern and a conversation will start.

Next, it’s time to return to the castle, but via Fast Travel. Open the map with playstation button share icon/button xbox menu, switch to the Hogwarts map, and then find the Floo Flame for your House Common Room and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to travel there. Time to enjoy a well earned rest!

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