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Since it’s set in the Harry Potter universe, spells are naturally going to be Hogwarts Legacy’s most prevalent and important game mechanic, whether the player is in combat, solving puzzles, or engaging in open world activities and mini-games. In this guide, we’ll be going over everything there is to know about spells — how you get them, how they work, and which spells you can cast in Hogwarts Legacy.

spell damage types for breaking shields hogwarts legacy

There are three distinct combat spell types, indicated by color: Gold for Control spells, Red for Damage spells, and Violet for Force spells; Green is used to indicate Unforgivable Curses, though note that other curses like Petrificus Totalus aren’t included in this category. Conjuration spells, which serve utility rather than combat purposes, are colored Light Green — these seem to only be useful in the Room of Requirement.

There are also Ancient Magic spells, some of which can be used in combat, and Utility Spells (official category name unknown), marked in Light Blue. Finally, there are the Essential spells: the character will always have access to these spells — once unlocked, they are available without needing to be equipped.

The list below is therefore organized by spell type. In addition to offering effects as indicated by their category, the various spell types are able to break a shield that matches their color (Control spells break gold shields, Damage spells break red shields, and so on).

This list is a work in progress — and includes some guesses — as we’re currently working from trailers and other footage. It will be updated as we get more information, and once the game releases. If we missed a spell, or if we’ve got a spell in the wrong category, please let us know in the comments!

  • Arresto Momentum – Slowing Charm
    • Stops the target’s movement
  • Glacius – Freezing Charm
    • Freezes enemies in ice, increasing the damage they take from follow-up attacks.
  • Vera Verto
    • Transfigures an animal into a goblet
  • Wingardium Leviosa – Levitation Charm
    • Causes the target to float.
  • Confringo – Blasting Curse
    • Causes the target to explode
  • Diffindo – Severing Charm
    • Neatly slices the target
  • Expelliarmus – Disarming Charm
    • Disarms the target, knocking away their wand or weapon
  • Incendia – The Fire-making Charm
    • Sets the target on fire
  • Reducto – Reductor Curse
    • Turns the object to dust
  • Accio – Summoning Charm
    • Brings objects or enemies towards the player. Also allows the player to pull themself towards certain objects while standing on a platform.
  • Depulso – Banishing Charm
    • Pushes objects or enemies away from the player. Possibly also be used to move the player while on a platform, as with Accio.
  • Descendo
    • Causes the target to move downwards.
  • Flipendo – The Knockback Jinx
    • Pushes the target away from the caster
  • Crucio – The Cruciatus Curse, AKA the Torture Curse
    • Locks the target in place and deals damage over time.
  • Avada Kedavra- The Killing Curse
    • Instantly kills the spell’s target.
  • Imperio The Imperius Curse
    • Target will temporarily become friendly and fight for the player.
  • Ancient Magic Throw
    • Tosses an environmental object at your target
  • Ancient Magic Finisher
    • Eliminates the target (in a variety of ways)
  • Bombarda – The Exploding Charm
    • Destroys the target with a small explosion
  • Unknown Conjuration Spell
  • Unknown Conjuration Spell
  • Lumos – Wand Lighting Charm
    • Creates a light at the tip of the caster’s wand, allowing you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require extra light.
  • Disillusionment Charm (incantation unknown)
    • Makes the caster difficult to see.
  • Reparo – Mending Charm
  • Repairs broken objects, including ladders and bridges.
  • Rictusempra – The Tickling Charm
    • Incapacitates the target with laughter
  • Alohomora – Unlocking Charm
    • Unlocks objects like doors or windows
  • Ancient Magic
    • At some point during the game’s main quest, the player gains the ability to interact with objects using Ancient Magic.
  • Basic Attack – Damage Charm
    • The player’s basic attack — low damage, but with no cooldown.
  • Petrificus Totalus – Full Body-Bind Curse, or Body Freezing Spell
    • Stuns an enemy, causing their arms and legs to lock; the target then falls to the ground.
  • Protego – Shield Charm
    • Blocks incoming spells — holding the block button will cast Stupefy on the attacker.
  • Revelio – Revelio Charm
    • Reveals hidden objects, and perhaps hidden doors or paths as well.
  • Stupefy – Stunning Charm
    • Stuns the target.
  • Unknown final Essential Spell

We haven’t gotten a ton of details on this yet. However, here are all the ways (we know of) that you can learn spells in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Going to class
    • While it will often be optional, the player will be able to learn new spells and abilities in classes at Hogwarts
  • Companions will be able to teach you spells
    • Sebastian Sallow can teach the player the Crucio Curse
  • Progressing the main quest
    • “Ancient Magic” is a big part of the game’s story, and Ancient Magic spells will almost certainly unlock as you progress through the main quest

This section will be updated as additional info becomes available!

Casting spells in Hogwarts is done via the Spell Diamond. By holding playstation r2 button, you’ll bring up the spell diamond — you can then cast spells that are assigned to the face buttons. You can unlock up to 3 additional spell diamonds, which are selected by pressing a direction on the D-pad after holding playstation r2 button.

When you’re exploring, you won’t have to worry much about aiming your spells — just aim the camera at whatever you want to cast your spell at. In combat, you’ll target the enemy that’s the most in front of you by default, but you can also manually target enemies by pushing in on playstation r3 and then moving the stick to change targets.

spell diamond hogwarts legacy
The spell diamond

For more information on casting spells, and how they work in combat, see our Combat Guide.

We hope this guide on the spells of Hogwarts Legacy was helpful! Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

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