Sebastian Sallow Companion Relationship Quests – Hogwarts Legacy

Out of the three available companions in Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian Sallow is the one with the darkest history, being no stranger to maneuvering around the rules and finding his own way of achieving goals.

In this guide, we will introduce you to Sebastian Sallow, where you can find him, the spells he can teach you, and the list of quests that you can do to improve your relationship with him.

A proud and often mischievous member of the Slytherin House, Sebastian Sallow is driven by his pure ambition to aid his family, particularly his sister Anne, which has been struck by a very powerful curse. After many failed attempts and experimenting with all kinds of magical knowledge, Sebastian Sallow started to believe the only way to remove the curse that affects his sister is by studying the Dark Arts.

sebastian sallow hogwarts legacy

During our adventures with Sebastian, we will quickly learn that he is no stranger to “special” ways of manipulating magic. He will teach us quite a few spells, and allow us to partake in his studies of the Dark Arts in hopes of saving his sister. We will learn that Sebastian is especially fond of disobeying school rules, often finding them restrictive and ill-advised, especially in situations between life and death.

As we journey with Sebastian, we will be presented with a few choices that we will have to consider carefully, especially if the goal is to gain his trust, as he proves to be quite a loyal and persevering companion.

Sebastian Sallow is one of the companions that you will meet very early in the game. He will demonstrate his skills with destructive explosive magic, nearly damaging a very rare trophy and harming a student in the process. You will meet Sebastian in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Class during your First Day At Hogwarts. As you enter the class, you will observe his duel and the incident he nearly caused, shortly followed up by a duel of your own against him!

Out of all of the companions, Sebastian Sallow has arguably the most of the knowledge to share with you: the spells ranging from extremely useful invisibility charms to destructive fire magic and even the forbidden dark arts!

  • Sebastian Sallow will not teach you the Dark Magic unless you agree with his points of view regarding the Dark Arts!
  • He will teach you the Crucio Spell during his In the Shadow of the Study Relationship quest. Keep in mind that there will be a very important choice to be made here!
  • He will teach you the Imperio Spell during the In the Shadow of Time quest. Just like before, you will have an important choice to make at the end of the quest.
  • Finally, he will teach you Avada Kadavra in the In the Shadow of the Relic quest. This time, we will let you discover for yourself what happens next!
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