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As a witch or wizard-in-training in Hogwarts Legacy, you will obviously need a wand at some point in order to properly cast your spells. Luckily, the school will provide you one. Better still, you will be able to fully customize it to fit your style. This guide will cover all the wand customization options available to you in Hogwarts Legacy.

In order to obtain your wand, you must go to Ollivander’s. It will be one of the places you need to go to during the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” main quest early on in the game. Once inside, Gerbold Ollivander will assist you in selecting your wand. There are several customization options you can choose from during this process.

hogwarts legacy ollivanders

This is where you will select the shape of your wand. There are plenty of options to choose from, including a Classic look and a Soft Spiral design. Furthermore, each wand style will have three color variations you can choose from, with each design having different color selections from each other.

This is where you can get a bit more specific with your wand’s appearance. There are three parameters you can scroll through in this tab: Wood Type, Length, and Flexibility.

Wood Type gives you a plethora of options for the specific wood you want your wand to be made out of. Length will allow you to choose how long you want your want to be, making it longer or shorter by a quarter inch at each node. Finally, Flexibility will let you decide how much you want your wand to bend while you swish-and-flick it around.

hogwarts legacy wood type

While this option does not affect your wand’s appearance, it may be the most important choice — this is because your core will have an effect on the magic of your wand. You are given three choices, and each one is said to be known for producing different types of magic.

The Dragon Heartstring is known for producing powerful magic, and Ollivander adds that it “learns quickly.” The Unicorn Hair on the other hand, will give you more consistent magic. Finally, the Phoenix Feather is capable of producing a great range of magic, meaning you will probably want this core if you want to use a large variety of spells.

Once you are happy with your wand and its appearance, go to the Finalize Wand tab, where you can look over all your choices one last time, and hold playstation square button to make it yours.

And with that, you are one step closer to becoming a powerful magic user! After all, what is a witch or wizard without their wand?

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