How to Unlock Talents – Hogwarts Legacy

One of the main ways you’ll make your character stronger in Hogwarts Legacy is by choosing Talents. However, it isn’t immediately clear how to unlock Talents when first playing the game. In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how you can unlock Talents — and start making your witch or wizard more powerful!

Unlike most games, Talents in Hogwarts Legacy won’t unlock just because you’ve reached a certain level. Instead, you need to reach a specific spot in the Golden Path (Main Story) to unlock Talents: Completing the quest “Jackdaw’s Rest” will grant you access to the Talent Tree. This requires completing a number of prior missions.

All told, to unlock talents, you’ll have to complete the following quests:

Once you’ve completed all the above quests in order, you’ll have unlocked Talents.


There are 5 categories of talent, all offering different types of benefits:

    • Core – Talents that affect Essential Spells and general combat skills
    • Dark Arts – Talents modify spells to make them Curses, strengthen Dark Arts spells
    • Spells – Talents that strengthen Spells.
    • Stealth – Talents in this tree make your character better at sneaking via Disillusionment, strenghten the Petrificus Totalus spell
    • Room of Requirement – Talents that strengthen your Potions and Plants

By choosing the right talents, you’ll be able to create a powerful Build that will allow you to take on even the most dangerous Dark Wizards and Magical Beasts! We have a nifty Talent Calculator to help you in that endeavor.

Have any questions about Talents, or how they unlock? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

If if the level cap is 40 and there are 48 different talents then how do you unlock all of them?

Reply to  L38
1 year ago

You can’t; you only get 36 points to spread across those 48, leaving you with 12 talents unpurchased.

1 year ago

I’m lv 16 and I only bought two talents but I can’t use them and they don’t show up I guess I have to advance the main story like you said.