How to Increase Inventory Space (Gear Storage) – Hogwarts Legacy

As you keep picking up gear you will quickly discover that you can’t really pile it up in your infinite-storage backpack. Hogwarts Legacy has a limited inventory space, but with just 20 starting slots you might find it even more restrictive than usual. In this article we will walk you through expanding that precious storage space!

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are two different types of storage: Inventory Storage and Gear Storage. General Inventory storage will be virtually unlimited, however, your Gear Storage will only have 20 slots to begin with.

While your Beasts, Quest Items, Notes, and Resources will go inside your infinite inventory, all types of gear, no matter whether they are wizard hats or nice-looking robes, will all go into the same Gear storage inventory. So, don’t expect to be able to keep picking up items and freely carry them around!

inventory types hogwarts legacy
Infinite General Inventory Space
gear storage capacity hogwarts legacy
By contrast, limited Gear Storage Space

You will start off with 20 Gear Storage spaces, as you can see above.

We will discuss how to increase your Gear Storage next, but keep in mind that it will help to have a good inventory management strategy even after you do so: the maximum space you can get is 40, which can still fill up quicker than you might want. The core approach to this will be to sell your Gear. Often. Especially before you start quests. You can sell it at any shop without sacrificing what you get from it.

Speaking of which — selling Gear can easily be one of the most consistent sources of income in the game.

Just like mentioned previously, you will begin with a Gear Storage Capacity of only 20. However, don’t panic just yet — there is a simple way of increasing your storage space!

Aside from many of the contributions that Merlin brought to the Wizarding World, he also left behind a set of trials meant to empower the worthy. By completing Merlin Trials, you will be able to unlock additional storage spaces!

inventory storage capacity merlin trials interface hogwarts legacy
You will find Merlin Trials rewards under Challenges tab, “Exploration” section — return here to claim your reward

Once you complete a certain number of Merlin Trials (you will need 2 for the first reward), you can increase your Storage Capacity by entering the Field Guide and selecting the Challenges tab, then going over to the Exploration tab and selecting Complete Merlin Trials as shown in the image above.

  • Keep in mind that you can only unlock up to 4 additional storage spaces per set of Merlin Trials.
  • Each set will increase the number of Merlin Trials required in order to unlock 4 additional storage spaces — second unlock will require 6 Merlin Trials.
  • The total number you can unlock is 20, which will put your final inventory space at 40.

Merlin Trials are puzzle challenges scattered around the map, introduced as part of the Main Story. Their sole purpose is aiding you in increasing your overall Gear Storage Capacity.

merlin trial location
An example of a Merlin Trials location
merlin trial puzzle example
An example of a puzzle from one of the Merlin Trials

The Puzzles from these are different from trial to trial (see an example above), though one thing shared between Merlin Trials is the Mallosweet Leaves requirement. You might want to invest into growing them in your Room of Requirement to sponsor your Inventory expansion efforts. If you want to know more about Merlin Trials, visit our dedicated Merlin Trials walkthrough!

Now that you know how to increase your Gear Storage we hope that you will no longer need to destroy your precious items during a mission. Let us know in the comment section below which of Merlin’s Trials you found to be the quickest or the most intriguing!

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