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Out of the many Collectibles to be found throughout Hogwarts Legacy, Balloon Sets will see you take to the skies and explore the world, all while practicing some tricky flying techniques along the way! In this article, we will explain exactly what the Balloon Sets are, where you can find them, and what you get for completing their Challenge.

Balloon Sets are, as the name implies, sets of 3-5 floating Balloons that hover above the world of Hogwarts Legacy. They can be flown into on your Broom or Flying Mount in order to pop them, allowing you to complete the Exploration challenge “Pop Balloons” to earn additional Broom cosmetics after completing the necessary milestones. In addition, Madam Kogawa’s Assignment I involves you popping 2 sets of Balloons before she will teach you the Glacius spell.

In order of the reward, you can earn the following Broom cosmetics from the Pop Balloons challenge:

You will be able to find Balloon Sets spread across (or, more accurately, above) the world of Hogwarts Legacy, with the exception of Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade (which you can’t fly over). For more help locating specific Balloon Sets, or the Balloons that comprise them, see our Interactive Map Tool.

  • North Ford Bog: 1 Balloon Set
  • Forbidden Forest:  No Balloon Sets
  • Hogsmeade Valley: 1 Balloon Set
  • North Hogwarts Region: 1 Balloon Set
  • South Hogwarts Region: 5 Balloon Sets 
  • Hogwarts Valley: 7 Balloon Sets
  • Feldcroft Region: 6 Balloon Sets
  • South Sea Bog: No Balloon Sets
  • Coastal Cavern: 1 Balloon Set
  • Poidsear Coast: 3 Balloon Sets
  • Marunweem Lake: 1 Balloon Set
  • Manor Cape: 2 Balloon Sets
  • Cragcroftshire: 1 Balloon Set
  • Clagmar Coast: 2 Balloon Sets

Click on each image to view it in full size!

The Pop Balloons Challenge just requires you to fly into Balloons while on your Broom or Flying Mount. The Balloons can be popped in any order, but you will need to pop all of the balloons in a set in order for it to count toward the Challenge and give you XP.

pop balloons challenge
Use your Broom to pop the Balloons

Now that you know all there is to know about Balloon Sets in Hogwarts Legacy, we hope that you have fun sightseeing while popping as many Balloons as possible! Let us know if you need any help finding any of these high-soaring collectibles.

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