Breaking Camp – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

It looks like goblin Loyalists have taken up residence in several camps nearby to Upper Hogsfield. This has caused such distress in the region that Claire Beaumont needs your help. After the disappearance of her brother, there is no one else that can clear out the goblin threat.

  • Quest Type: Side Quest
  • Location: Upper Hogsfield, Hogsmeade Valley, Highlands (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP
    • Stag Skull Decoration
    • Stench of the Dead

In order to start Breaking Camp, you’ll need to head up to Upper Hogsfield to talk to Claire Beaumont. She will be concerned over a couple of goblin loyalist camps nearby, and with her brother gone, she will ask you to help her take out their camps.

hogwarts legacy breaking camp 1 1 speak to claire

Once you’ve been told about the encampments, you can find them easily on your minimap and using the markers. You’ll need to head to each encampment one at a time and take out all the goblins at each location — including several that will apparate in before and during the fight.

In order to most effectively deal with the goblins in the encampment, it is good to begin by casting Disillusionment in order to sneak up on a few of the goblins in each camp, then cast Petrificus Totalus on them. Once combat begins, you can use Ancient Magic in order to take out goblins instantly. As well, each camp comes stocked with a variety of items you can use your Ancient Magic Throw on, in order to deal massive damage and make short work of the goblins. Lastly, Expelliarmus is very effective against goblins, since essentially all goblins wield weapons that you can shoot out of their hands.

After you’ve taken out the encampments, you can return to Claire Beaumont in Upper Hogsfield. Talk to her to turn in the test, and she will thank you and give you some of her bizarre wares.

hogwarts legacy brekaing camp 4 1 speak to clair

Once you finish the conversation with Claire, Breaking Camp will automatically complete after a few seconds.

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