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In Hogwarts Legacy you will not be able to instantly use every magical item you find, as many of them will be Unidentified Magical Objects in your inventory. Luckily for us, Wizards and Witches, your Room of Requirement comes equipped with the Desk of Description, which is also an Identification Station. It allows you to instantly discover any magical Trait or Stat that an item might possess.

The Identification Station (Desk of Description) will be the very first Crafting Station you get once you unlock the Room of Requirement (during the The Room of Requirement quest). However, if needed, you can still place and customize a new Desk with the Conjuring Spell you have learned from Professor Weasley.

conjuring identification station hogwarts legacy
Here you can see how you can conjure your Identification Station

First, select your Conjuring Spell from your Spell Slots, go to the Utility tab, and then select your Desk of Description, just like in the image shown above. A special UI interface will open up which allows you to place the Desk of Description in whichever part of the Room of Requirement you want, and then will let you customize it.

Unlike with the Potting Table and the Potion Station, you can’t customize the style of your Identification Station. However, you can still change the color of your Station to match the rest of your Room of Requirement!

identification station theme hogwarts legacy
Here how the colors for the Identification Station will look like

By far the easiest Crafting Station that you can use is the Desk of Description! All you have to do is approach it with some Unidentified items in the inventory and press the playstation square button/ button xbox x v2/F button, depending on whether you play on Console or PC.

After you use the Identification Station, all unidentified items you had will show their Stats and Traits slots. (Note that you will be able to see the Gear Rarity based on its Color, even if the mysterious item itself does not show any Stats or a Name.)

If you are confused about what Stats and Traits are, we have a dedicated section on each of them in our How to Upgrade Gear & Add Traits guide!

Now that you know how the Identification Station (also, confusingly, Desk of Description) works, we hope that you will discover and identify a plenty of Gear combinations for your character! Have you discovered something we haven’t mentioned in this guide? Found an unexpected or valuable item you identified? Share with us in the comment section!

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10 months ago

I accidentally vanished my desk of description. Any chance you know how I can rebuild it?