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Game: Hogwarts Legacy
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Sebastian has found something in the book you found in the Scriptorium, and he thinks that it may hold the key to curing Anne. He wants to meet in the Undercroft to discuss his findings.

In order to start In the Shadow of Discovery, you will need to go to the Undercroft, hidden within the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. Once inside, you will find Sebastian leaning over a desk. Approach him and speak to him with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

After a brief conversation, the two of you will be interrupted by Ominis, who heard everything from the corridor.

You’ll need to wait for Ominis and Sebsatian to finish their brief argument. Once they are finished, speak to Ominis with playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to discuss what to do about Sebastian.

Once you finish this second conversation with Ominis, you will automatically complete In the Shadow of Discovery. The “Quest Complete” splash may not display, but you can make sure the quest is complete by checking the “Completed Quests” tab in the menu.

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