Professor Onai’s Assignment – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

It’s Professor Onai‘s turn to give you an assignment. This time, after you complete her assignments, she will teach you the spell Descendo. This quest is mandatory but also pretty straightforward and, unlike some other assignments, won’t require you to spend any galleons.

This is a fairly easy step to complete, and the only part that might catch you off guard is not having the proper spells equipped. Make sure that you have both Leviosa and Depulso on your spell diamond before entering combat. To change your spells, press button xbox dpad right, then hold button xbox righttrigger after selecting the spell in order to map it to a button.

First cast Levioso on a smaller enemy, like a goblin or a spider, then cast Depulso on that same target. This assignment is meant to teach the player that some spells can be used in combination for lethal effects. This is one such combo: the enemy will be flung away, and heavy damage will be inflicted.

hogwarts legacy professor onais assignment levitation
Make a smaller enemy levitate first by casting Levioso

Again, a plain-dealing task, but only if you know where to find trolls. We were able to find some not far from the Floo Flame location, San Bakar’s Tower.

In short, travel to the tower, then jump on your broom and fly down to the river just to the south. You can access your broom by holding playstation l1 button to bring up your item wheel and hitting button xbox b v2.

hogwarts legacy professor onais assignment troll location
The river trolls are located in the river

You should see a couple of river trolls; try to fight only one without getting the attention of the other, as they are tanky enemies. After defeating it, loot its corpse to collect the Troll Bogeys and finish the task.

After finishing both of the tasks, you now have to attend class before you can end the quest. Fast travel to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame during the day, or, if it’s nighttime, you can go to the class and wait in the circle by hitting button xbox x v2 /button play square(or go to your map and press the playstation r3 button to wait until daytime.)

After attending class and watching a charming cutscene, you will be able to talk to Professor Onai and learn Descendo by doing the mini-game. Finally, you’ve finished the quest! Don’t forget that you can first cast Levioso on enemies and then cast your new spell, Descendo, for huge damage numbers!

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