A Demanding Delivery – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

After receiving an owl from the potions shop owner, Percival Pippin in Hogsmeade, the player is asked to make a delivery of invisibility potions for him. It’s no wonder he wants you to go, since a small trade war is brewing between Percival Pippin and the customer, Fatima Lawang. While proving to Fatima that the invisibility potions work, you’ll learn how to use them.

  • Quest Type: Side Quest
  • Location: J. Pippin’s Potions, Hogsmeade (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP
    • Potioneer’s Cap (Hat Appearance)
    • 300 Galleons

After opening the letter from Parry, the player will need to go visit him in his shop for the specifics of the request. Luckily, his shop is directly next to the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame.

hogwarts legacy a demanding delivery shop picture
A cozy little shop in a cozy little town

Mr. Pippin tells you that he doesn’t want to deal with a difficult customer, Fatima Lawang, and hopes you will take his delivery to her. After accepting, the player will want to travel to the closest Floo Flame location they have to Keenbridge and fly on their broom the rest of the way. Your closest Floo Flame will likely be Lower Hogsfield; from there, fly due south. Make sure that you are tracking the quest, because it will make it much easier to spot where to land.

Upon chatting with Fatima and informing her that you have her delivery, she will ask you to demonstrate that the invisibility potions are on the level. Open up your item wheel (by holding button xbox leftbumper / playstation l1 button) and you will see the potions on the bottom. After selecting the potion on the wheel, you can use it by tapping button xbox leftbumper/ playstation l1 button. Only drink one potion, then talk to Fatima again. She will accept them, and you will be able to continue the quest. Be sure to walk over and activate the Floo Flame for Keenbridge before leaving.

Now simply fast travel back to Parry’s shop and chat with him. Again, the quickest Floo Flame location is West Hogsmeade. That will finish the quest and reward you with some gold and the potioneer’s cap, hat appearance.

hogwarts legacy a demanding delivery pippins shop inside
The smug look of a man who makes a child deal with his toughest customer

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