A Friend in Deed – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

A Friend in Deed is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Sirona Ryan has a close friend named Dorothy Sprottle. Since Dorothy’s husband passed, the bar has been so busy that Sirona has hardly been able to visit. She is hoping that you can pay Dorothy a visit in her stead, and help collect potion ingredients if needed, while also picking up a box of letters.

To start the quest A Friend in Deed, you have to speak to Sirona Ryan. To reach her, use the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, and head into the main entrance of The Three Broomsticks. You will find her tending to tables at the other end of the bar. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin A Friend in Deed, and she will ask for your help — she would like for you to visit her friend Dorothy Sprottle, see if she needs help, and pick up a box of letters.

hogwarts legacy a friend in deed sirona

If you haven’t unlocked the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame yet, leave Hogsmeade from the north side. Then, get on your broom and fly north until you reach Upper Hogsfield. Dorothy will be just north of where the Floo Flame is, next to a house. If you haven’t done the quest Brothers Keeper yet, when you speak to her, you will have the choice to either continue this quest, or begin Brothers Keeper. Choose the option mentioning Sirona Ryan to continue with this quest.

She will ask you to collect Horklumps for her to make some potions — if you happen to have 10 on you, you can give them to her now and save yourself a visit to her later, but you will easily find some during this quest if not. She then explains that Aiden Sprottle, her late husband, dropped Sirona’s box of letters in a cavern during his last trip for Horklumps. You will now have to go to this cavern to retrieve the box.

Get back on your broom and fly southwest, and you will find the cavern entrance along the nearby mountain. There may be a couple of Poachers just outside the entrance, so just be ready to take care of them if they attack you. If you need Horklumps, you will find plenty just outside and within the cavern. When you’re ready, go through the entrance to enter Horklump Hollow.

Once inside, walk down the path a bit until you see some branches blocking your path (1). Cast Incendo on them and continue — ignore the branch off to the left. When you reach the split, turn left and use a Basic Cast to break the wooden wall (2), then continue forward. Eventually, you will reach a large room with a Mountain Troll.

You can choose to either fight this troll, or sneak past it with Disillusionment. If you choose to fight him, it will be roughly the same as fighting any other troll you’ve fought, including the one in Hogsmeade during the main story. Take advantage of the Ancient Magic Throw, as this will briefly stun him (3), and watch out for his unblockable attacks. Other than that, just keep using your best spells and combos on him, and he will go down.

Once the troll is taken care of (or you decided to sneak past him), turn left from the entrance of this room to go through a cage door, and continue down the path. Shortly after crouching through a hole, you will find Sirona’s letter box, along with five letters lying on the floor. Pick all of them up, and there will be an exit at the end of the path you can take to leave this cavern.

If you didn’t have any Horklumps when you first spoke to Dorothy, you will have to go back to her to give her 10 (she will be in the same spot as before). Otherwise, you can go straight back to Sirona.

Return to Sirona, who will be in the same spot as when you started the quest. Talk to her to deliver her box of letters.

hogwarts legacy a friend in deed sirona 2

After speaking with her, you will have completed A Friend in Deed, and have a new Conjuration for your Room of Requirement!

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