How to Get Into the Headmaster’s Office – Hogwarts Legacy

For curious students of Hogwarts, the headmaster’s office is certainly an intriguing part of the castle. It’s guarded by a password-sensitive gargoyle and it’s home to the Sorting Hat. In Hogwarts Legacy, it also provides access to the highest point of the castle and is required for the “Room with a View” Achievement.

Players cannot enter the office until they start The Polyjuice Plot Main Quest. During the quest you will enter the office and it is accessible at anytime afterwards. Attempting to enter before that will be blocked by the gargoyle.

Getting to the headmaster’s office without quest markers from The Polyjuice Plot can be tricky, since it doesn’t have a Floo Flame or any marking on the map. First, you’ll want to travel to the Trophy Room Floo Flame. From there, proceed north through the hallway and head up the stairs at the end of it.

hogwarts legacy headmasters office door at end of first hallway
Doors to pass through near the Trophy Room

Continue through the winding hallway and go up the next flight of stairs. At the top, go west and head up the stairs with green lanterns floating in the middle.

hogwarts legacy headmasters office green lantern staircase
The third set of stairs you need to head up

Go through the door at the top of the stairs and turn left to go up the final staircase. If you haven’t completed The Polyjuice Plot yet, then you will see the gargoyle that protects the office.

hogwarts legacy headmasters office staircase to office
The staircase to the office

Are there any easter eggs in the headmaster’s office that you’re excited to see? Any that you thought were missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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