Flight Test – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

After buying a broom at Spintwitches in Hogsmeade, Albie Weekes asks the player to help him with his project of improving brooms. In order to help Albie, the player has to put their new broom through some stress tests. He asks the player to race on some local courses and advises they talk to Imelda to start.

  • Quest Type: Side Quest
  • Location: Spintwitches, Hogsmeade (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 180 XP
    • Broom Upgrade 1

To start the quest, go to Hogsmeade and speak with the owner of Spintwitches, Albie Weekes, and buy a broom. All the brooms cost 600 galleons, so make sure you have enough. The brooms are also all the same in terms of functionality, consequently you will want to make the choice based on which one you think looks coolest. While looking at Albie’s wares, you can preview the brooms (with button xbox y v2 / playstation triangle button) to make an informed purchase.

hogwarts legacy flight test guide buying broom
Obviously, the Yew Weaver is objectively the most awesome

Fast travel to the Floo Flame location, Hogwarts North Exit (map), then fly southwest to the Quidditch Pitch. It is a massive arena, you can’t miss it. If it’s your first time using your new broom, you can equip it by opening your item wheel (by holding button xbox leftbumper / playstation l1 button) and pressing button xbox b v2/playstation circle button. Imelda will be waiting for you at the southern end of the pitch.

hogwarts legacy flight test imelda reyes
Imelda is worried we’re coming for her score, and she’s right

Now this is broom racing! The trial is straightforward, fly through the rings as quickly as possible until the end. There are speed boosts in between the rings; they look like yellow translucent orbs. These orbs are placed three in a row each time, so try to fly into the first one straight on to not miss the next two. Imelda talks a big game, but her score really isn’t that impressive. You can even miss some rings and should still beat her score-just don’t forget to hold the boost as often as possible.

Here’s a reminder on the broom controls:

  • playstation button left stick all directions To move in any direction
  • playstation button analog r.svg (1) To ascend or descend
  • button xbox lefttrigger For a Burst of Speed
  • button xbox righttrigger (Hold) For Flight Speed

hogwarts legacy flight test winning
It really wasn’t even close

Even more satisfying than flying, now you have to report back to Imelda and let her know that you, probably, shattered her score. You can take the “high” road, or you can be rude to her. After speaking with her, you can go to the podium and view the time records for the trial. Imelda didn’t even place.

hogwarts legacy flight test podium
These students don’t care about curfew as long as there are brooms to splinter

To finish the quest, head back to Hogsmeade and talk to Albie Weekes at Spintwitches. He will thank you for the in-depth analysis you give on how his brooms performed, and tell you to come back later for a broom upgrade.

hogwarts legacy flight test albie
You won’t be able to purchase the upgrade right away

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