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There are few locations as useful in Hogwarts Legacy than the Room of Requirement. It is capable of altering itself to suit the needs of its user, whatever those may be. For Harry Potter, it took the shape of a base for him and a cadre of others to form “Dumbledore’s Army” under the nose of Dolores Umbridge. For the player character in Hogwarts Legacy, the Room of Requirement serves as a customizable base of operations, where you can craft gear, rescue beasts, brew potions, and much more. We are here to outline what that entails.

You won’t be able to visit the Room of Requirement until you get a little bit into the Main Story: specifically, you will need to get to and complete the Jackdaw’s Rest. Once that’s done, you will be able to start The Room of Requirement quest, which will introduce you to the Room and its stations.

If you need any help with completing the quest, check out our The Room of Requirement Walkthrough!

While the Room of Requirement can be very fun to decorate and make your own, its primary purpose is to serve as a hub for all of your crafting and growing stations, things that you can use to upgrade your gear, craft items, and generally improve your character. As such, there are several structures within the Room of Requirement which provide utility.

A potting table comes with two to five pots for growing the various plants in Hogwarts Legacy. These plants are essential for potion brewing, and some of them — such as mandrakes — are very useful by themselves. Different plants will require different sizes of pots, and different plants require different amounts of time to grow. You are able to have multiple potting tables, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your herbologic operations.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement potting table

A station for identifying the magical traits of gear that you find out in the world. One of the first stations you will have access to, the Identification Table is used simply by approaching it with gear that has unknown magical traits, and then interacting with it to discover what those traits are. The station might also be able to identify the rarity of gear, which includes Superb, Extraordinary, and Legendary.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement identification station

The loom is used for upgrading and changing the traits of gear that you access. While you can customize the appearance of your gear from the Character menu in the pause screen, the actual stats of that gear can be altered here in two ways. Both of these ways cost you beast materials, which you must harvest from beasts in your Vivarium or find out in the world. Here’s what you can apply to your gear at the loom:

  • Upgrades: The loom is able to upgrade gear, improving its innate Offense or Defense stats, and increasing its Trait Slots to allow for more traits.
  • Traits: You can add various magical traits to your gear, according to how many Trait Slots it has. These magical traits also vary in level, with higher levels providing greater effects. New traits for the loom can be acquired by taking them from Bandit Camps.

In order to unlock new Trait recipes, you’ll have to visit Bandit Camps, which are indicated on your map with the bandit camps icon hogwarts legacy symbol.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement loom traits

A station for brewing various consumable potions. These potions require parts from plants (which you can grow at a Potting Table) and materials harvested from beasts in your Vivarium. Brewing potions requires a certain amount of materials and time, depending on what you are trying to brew. See our Potions guide for more info.

A separate room, connecting the main Room of Requirement, which stores all of your beasts. Here is an area that is bigger on the inside, where your various rescued beasts can roam, safe from the outside world. It is here you will interact with, care for, and harvest from your beasts, and you can customize it in a similar manner to the rest of the room of requirement.

You can see how Beast Care works in more detail by checking out our Vivarium Guide.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement vivarium entrance

The Room of Requirement is truly a place you can make your own. Via your Conjuration menu, you are able to modify many of the objects in the room. Here’s how conjuration can alter the Room of Requirement:

  • Summon objects via Conjuration using Moonstone. You can also remove them, refunding your Moonstone.
    • Most of these objects are decorative objects that exist for the Room of Requirement, including furniture and wall art.
    • Other conjurable objects include certain gameplay objects, like Potions and Plants, which also have utility elsewhere.
  • Move existing objects, including rotating and resizing them. Doing so — even resizing them — does not change their Moonstone cost.
  • Changing the design of objects, including their color and style.
    • Most objects have 4 possible styles.
      • Scientific: Potions-inspired
      • Botanical: Herbology-inspired
      • Eclectic: Magizoology-inspired
      • Gothic: Dark-Arts-inspired

In addition to being able to conjure and manipulate the objects scattered throughout the room, you can also change the look of the entire Room of Requirement itself, and all its individual parts (like walls, ceilings, and floors). That’s right, the architecture itself can be changed, including for individual sections, such as the glass main ceiling.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement architecture change

You have access to 4 different styles of architecture for each section of the room, including Scientific, Botanical, Eclectic, and Gothic. In addition, you will also be able to change the color of any of these sections.

In order to conjure objects, you must first have the Spellcraft, or Conjuration recipe, for that object. In order to get these recipes, you will have to either purchase them from the “Tomes and Scrolls” shop in Hogsmeade, or earn them as rewards for completing quests and tasks throughout the world. We do not yet know if architectural styles are earned in the same way.

As the game progresses, the Room of Requirement will actually grow as well, gaining new rooms and new utilities. While we are still learning what those new rooms will entail, and what you will be able to fill them with, you can rest assured that completing quests will make this base of operations even more impressive.

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