How to Farm Moonstones – Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, Moonstones will be a pivotal resource that will allow you to create useful Crafting Stations and crucial Vivarium components. In addition to conjuring necessary tools inside the Room of Requirement, Moonstones will also be a key part to creating a wide variety of decorations.

In other words, you will probably end up using quite a few of them one way or another, and in this guide we will introduce you to some of the easiest and best methods for stockpiling them for your projects!

There are two main ways to farm Moonstones: you can either mine them in bulk in the wilderness or you can periodically produce them once you fit out your Room of Requirement. While the first option will get you the biggest yield, it will prove to be the most time-consuming. Nonetheless, you will be required to start with mining Moonstone outdoors before you can actually place any of your Spellcrafts in the Room of Requirement.

The most time-efficient way to farm Moonstone in Hogwarts Legacy will be available once you unlock the Room of Requirement (after The Room of Requirement quest) and then conjure the Material Refiner. Refiner itself will cost you 15 Moonstone to conjure.

The Material Refiner will produce up to 1 Moonstone per minute, with a max storage capacity of 10 Moonstones per each unit. After that, no more will be produced, so you do need to collect them. So, 10 Moonstones can be collected every 10 minutes. What’s great, however, is that the Room of Requirement allows you to place up to 3x Material Refiners!

This means that you can outfit your Room to produce 30 Moonstone every 10 minutes!

  • Remember that you can only have 3 Material Refiners in the Room of Requirement.
  • Push towards getting your first Material Refiner: it will take you 2 harvests to afford the second one and just 1 more harvest until you can gather enough for the third! This setup will help you quickly save up for other Crafting Stations.
  • Material Refiners will stop production until you collect the 10 Moonstones. You can’t gather Moonstones from the Refiner until the full stack is processed.
  • When you want to remove a Refiner to place it somewhere else, remember that if you do so before collecting the Moonstones, they will be lost.
  • Material Refiners are the easiest way to acquire Moonstones in Hogwarts Legacy, since they don’t depend on the Map’s respawn timers!

Your initial source of Moonstones will come from mining in the Wilderness. You will find the Ore Veins pretty much as soon as you step out of the school grounds and embark on your first journey to Hogsmeade. It will look like a pointy blue crystal; hard to miss.

Ore Veins you find can be mined with your Basic Attacks, or by using Accio.

Ore Veins do respawn, after a while, so make sure to revisit previous locations to get enough for your first Material Refiner (see section above)! Mining is the fastest way to get Moonstone in bulk, so you should create some Gathering Routes as you explore: we have a couple of suggestions for locations in the pictures below.

  • Worth repeating: Moonstone Ore Nodes do respawn after a while.
  • As you can see in the images, Moonstone Ore can be found all throughout the map. Start noting locations where you stumble upon a few of them at once — You will want to return there later.
  • Moonstones can be gathered with any spell that can destroy objects, however, Accio is excellent since it will also bring the resource directly to you!
  • When you are missing just a couple dozen Moonstones for a project, porting to your favorite mining location will be one of the fastest options.

In addition to farming and mining Moonstones, you can actually find vendors that sell it as well — though, not much, and not at a low price (typically 20ui t galleons each).

However, if you depleted all of the nodes you know and you are missing just a couple, Shopkeepers are a reliable source, since they reset their inventories often.

Besides farming, producing, and buying Moonstone, you can also regain some that you’ve spent on decor or Crafting Stations, with Evanesco. You will be taught this spell during the tutorial quest, The Room of Requirement.

Evanesco will refund you the full Moonstone cost of a Crafting Station, or any decor you placed with your Conjuring Spell. To use the spell, select your spell key binds and use it on a highlighted object.

If you don’t like the original decor in the Room, or simply don’t really care about it, feel free to Evanesco it to start with a fair amount of Moonstone right away. If you have the gold, you can invest it into a Moonstone Refinery Spellcraft and kickstart your passive production.

We hope that now you are prepared to fill your pockets with Moonstone and conjure as many objects as you desire! Let us know in the comment section below which mining locations you found to be the most profitable, and if we missed any other great methods!

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1 year ago

Thanks for the tips! Is there a limit to how many Moonstones we can carry? I just noticed that my inventory only shows 999 and I’m sure I have collected way more than that and worry I have been wasting my time not spending it.