Korrow Ruins Collection Chest Location – Hogwarts Legacy

For those wanting to 100% Hogwarts Legacy, finding every collection chest is a must. Unfortunately, one of the collection chests in the Korrow Ruins is extremely well hidden compared to most chests in-game. Read on to find the location of the elusive chest.

In order to get inside the Korrow Ruins, you will have to start the quest The Tale of Rowland Oakes. During the quest you’ll be guided to the ruins and gain the ability to explore them.

The collection chest can be found in a secret room beyond the boiler door within the ruins. This room is also where you’ll find the infamous foe Pergit and Rowland Oakes’s wand. In order to reach the boiler door, head east from the entrance of the dungeon and then turn south into a large, open room. Clear out this room of goblins and head to the south end of the room, where you’ll see a round metal door. Walk to the door and head up the stairs to the east, travelling around the room. Once you reach the western side of the room, there will be a furnace to light with Incendio or Confringo. With the furnace lit, the door will be unlocked.

Go through the door and you’ll be in a rooms filled with goblins. The secret room with the chest will be in the very southwest corner. Head right from the entrance up the stairs and proceed left. Continue left until the second hallway and turn into it, walking up to the seemingly solid wall. After reaching the wall it will dissipate, revealing the secret room with the collection chest. The chest is in the northwest corner of the room.

With this info, finding the secret chest in Korrow Ruins should be a piece of cake. Keep in mind that you’ll have to walk all of the way out of the dungeon to fast travel, so you might as well take care of other business like completing the quest or defeating Pergit before leaving.

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