confrigo spell icon hogwarts legacy


Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Type: Damage Spell
Range: 3000
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Damage: 25

A long-range bolt that deals damage on impact

Enemies hit with fire-based attacks will continue to take damage for a few seconds, during which time collisions will result in incendiary bursts.

How to Unlock the Confringo Spell

Acquired by completing the Main Story quest, In the Shadow of the Undercroft:

  • Meet with Sebastian
  • Enter the secret room
  • Explore the room & Talk to Sebastian
  • Practice using Confrigo
  • Check back with Sebastian
  • Leave the Undercroft
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Lucky Boop
Lucky Boop(@lucky-boop)
9 months ago

I love using the upgraded version of Confringo to deal with Inferi, hitting multiple enemies at once with fire from long range makes it an excellent option.