Hogwarts Legacy’s Community Manager Teases Update, But Wants to ‘Set Some Expectations’

Chandler Wood, the community manager for Hogwarts Legacy (@FinchStrife), posted on X today thanking people for the excitement for a coming update to the game which will be arriving “this summer.” This is in reference to an update announced in a previous post by the Hogwarts Legacy account where it was announced that PlayStation-exclusive content would be coming to all platforms. The line about “additional updates and features” went under the radar for many, but Woods is keen to remind us of that, and get us excited about it all over again.

The two-part post thread might have us tilting our heads like curious mooncalf, but it revealed scarecly little about what would actually be included in the update (seemingly by design). Woods does state that he wants to ‘set some expectations’ for the free update, highlighting the phrase “additional updates and features for the game” specifically. And that is all we have to really go on, thus far.

As part of the post, Woods encouraged speculation and hopes for the update, and fans were happy to supply them. Some of the most requested features to come from replies to the tweet and from other social media posts include implementing house points, adding Quidditch, and increasing accessibility options, just to name a few. We guess Chandler Woods was right in praising fans for their ability to “guess and hope.”

Clearly, more than a year after the game’s initial release, fans are clearly clamoring fore more, and we can’t wait to see what the team at Avalanche Software provides.

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