Going Medieval

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Going Medieval Review: A Colony Sim for the (Middle) Ages

Colony Sims are interesting in that they tend to straddle the line between RTS, puzzle game, and The Sims. I’ve been playing Colony games since SimAnt — which might be the first (ant) Colony Sim — and I’ve always appreciated…

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Latest Going Medieval Update Testable July 19th

After nearly a month of no news, developer Foxy Voxel has finally broken their radio silence with a very welcome update. The small team was apparently surprised by the game’s success, and have been spending most of their time focusing…

going medieval patch notes bug fixes, pathfinding

Going Medieval Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Pathfinding

The Going Medieval team has released patch, this patch has multiple bug fixes to prevent game crashes, animals spawn rate rebalance, and minor pathfinding optimization. This was posted on their Steam page and can be read below: Patch…

going medieval hotfix crash fixes & bug fixes

Going Medieval Hotfix Crash Fixes & Bug Fixes

Today multiple crash and bug fixes have been released for Going Medieval as posted by the game developers on Steam. This is the first post-launch hotfix implemented so far. Hey everyone, we have our first hotfix ( for Going Medieval…