How to Make Rooms in Going Medieval

You can play Going Medieval for quite awhile without ever noticing that there is a “Rooms” feature, as the beginning tutorials don’t mention it. However, creating specific rooms for the various tasks your settlers have can dramatically increase efficiency, whether it be sleeping, writing, or cooking. If you’re looking to create a specific room, you can head to the “How to Make Other Rooms” section below to see the specific requirements.

By using the Rooms button [V] in the upper right, you can see all the rooms currently identified in your settlement, and a small Room Types Legend will appear below the button. Try hovering one of the colored squares, and you’ll be able to see what room that color indicates, and more importantly, how to create that room.

rooms going medieval

Besides needing the items listed under “Must have”, a room will also need to be enclosed by walls and covered with a roof. It probably goes without saying, but you’ll also need a door, or the room won’t be very useful. Having anything in the room that isn’t the object the room is for will also prevent it from being counted as a specific type of room.

To make a bedroom, create a room with 4 walls and an accessible door. Make sure the room has a roof on it (or is covered by another story), and put some kind of bed in the room via the Furniture menu [F3]. Once you’ve finished laying out the room — and construction is complete — you can check to see whether or not you’ve done it correctly by turning the Rooms overlay [V] back on. If the room’s color matches the legend color of the room you were trying to create, then you’ve successfully given your settler a quiet place to rest.

going medieval rooms guide bedroom success
You can see here that the two rooms on the right have been detected as bedrooms. The rooms on the left are not yet enclosed by walls, and so are not counted as bedrooms.

If you check out the requirements for some of the other rooms, you might notice that they require things you don’t have the ability to build; the temples need wall decorations, for example. If you want to make these rooms, you’ll need to research the relevant technology. Here’s what research each room in Going Medieval requires:

  • Kitchen
    • Requires Smelting (you need Iron Ingots in order to create a Hearth)
    • Requires Cooking (allows the construction of Hearths)
    • Requires Decorative Structures (allows construction of Wall Pottery Shelf)
  • Workshop – A workshop can contain only one of: Armourer’s Table, Bowyer’s Table, Blacksmith’s Forge, Woodwork Bench, Stonemason’s Bench, or Sewing Station
    • Requires whatever research is needed for the relevant workstation
    • Requires Decorative Structures (allows construction of Wall Tool Shelf)
  • Library
    • Requires Decorative Structures (allows construction of Wall Bookshelf)
  • Church of Restitution Chapel
    • Requires Decorative Structures (allows construction of Church of Restitution Wall Decoration)
  • Oak Brethren Temple
    • Requires Decorative Structures (allows construction of Oak Brethren Wall Decoration)
  • Great Hall
    • Requires Furniture (allows construction of Wooden Chair)
    • Requires Decorative Banners (allows construction of Banner Wall Medium) or Decorative Structures (allows construction of Wall Deer Head Decoration)

You should now know everything you need to know to start creating specific rooms in Going Medieval!

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