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Starfield may be Bethesda’s new IP, but it will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played Fallout 3-4, or any of the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind. It’s a massive game, with so much to do you could spend 50 hours playing without ever touching the main quest.

It’s also a confusing game, with a lot of systems either not well explained, or not explained at all. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find information on the game’s mechanics, tips on how to build your character, and walkthroughs for the game’s missions — all of it organized by category to help you find the topic you are interested in.

Since we’re in space, Starfield’s quests are “Missions”, instead. We’re working hard on creating walkthroughs for all of the game’s missions — you’ll find all our mission guides below, organized by type.

You can be anything — we will help you be what you want. Guides below should be all you need when creating your character: a general overview of the process, information on each background and skill option, best traits, and even a name generator to make sure you are happy with what you pick for the rest of the game. Then, you can make use of our Character Planner Tool to map out the rest of your build, or you can take a look at one of our Build Guides and go from there.

Below are all of our tutorials, which include basic How-To’s, as well as overviews of some more advanced systems in the game. These should be your first place to look if you are trying to answer a simple question, or feel confused about specifics of a gameplay system in Starfield.

While this guide many of the major topics for the game, it doesn’t list all of the guides we have for Starfield. Remember to check out our Builds guides, Crafting & Research, and our Starfield Database that includes factions, planets, character skills, traits, and powers.

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9 months ago

Why even offer guides to a game your site reviewed a 5?