One Step Ahead – Starfield Mission

No simple coffee runs in your second mission for Ryujin Industries. Instead, you’ll get a chance to test your stealth skills while hacking computers in a rival company’s office.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Back on the Grind
  • Unlocks: A New Narrative
  • Location
    • System: Volii System
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • City: Neon (Core)
  • Rewards
    • 1000 Credits
    • 100 XP (At level 27)

Note: You will need 1 rank in Security to complete this mission. Additionally, while it’s possible to complete this mission without Stealth, you’ll probably have to fight or pay your way past security if you can’t sneak effectively.

You’ll begin this mission immediately after talking to Imogene at the end of Back on the Grind. She’ll give you some Digipicks, assuming you already have a point in Security, you now have everything you need to complete this mission.

You’ll need to make your way to the other side of the Core from Ryujin tower, so if you’re in Imogene’s office, go back to the elevator, and take it down to the Lobby. Head straight from the Ryujin tower, down the main street towards the objective marker. You can use your Scanner if you get turned around, as it will lead you directly to the elevator you need to take, which is in the tower on the opposite end of the main street (Image 1).

elevator to celtcorp one step ahead starfield mission walkthrough
Image 1 – Elevator to CeltCorp’s office

Get in the elevator and use the controls to go to the CeltCorp floor, which should be indicated by your objective marker. In the office, go straight through security to the end of the hall, and then turn left (Image 2). You’ll see a computer tagged by the objective marker in the second cubicle on the left; that’s where you need to upload the program (Image 3).

There’s a security guard that patrols this area, but it’s still possible to access the computer while sneaking. Make sure you have at least one point in Stealth, and then crouch where indicated in Image 3, in the corner of the cubicle. Wait for your stealth bar to say “Hidden”, and then interact with the computer (Image 4). If the security guard notices you sneaking, you may need to stop and wait for him to leave before you go back to sneaking.

hacking computer in celtcorp one step ahead starfield mission walkthrough
Image 4 – Hacking the computer while Hidden

Once you complete the lockpicking minigame, select the “Upload Program” option on the desktop.

Note: If you don’t have Stealth, or just fail to be sneaky while hacking into the computer, you’ll very likely be arrested by Neon Security. Fortunately, you can simply pay the fine and leave the jail if you want — you’ll find yourself back on Neon’s main street once you leave the security office.

If you didn’t get caught, you can go back to the elevator, take it to the Lobby, and leave CeltCorp. Either way, head back the way you came, all the way back to Imogene’s office (remembering that you can use the Scanner to find your way at any point). When you get there, speak with her, and report on your mission as you like.

If you did get caught, Imogene will tell you that future mistakes will result in docks in pay: screwing up during Ryujin missions means less rewards. This time, however, you’ll get full pay regardless of whether you were discovered during the mission. After she explains this, you’ll receive your rewards, and the mission will be over!

Once again, Imogene will immediately give you your next mission at the end of this one. For your next task, you’ll be sneaking into another office, this time to plan incriminating evidence for a frame job.

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