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Another Starfield Mission, another fetch quest. This one isn’t too bad, though, we’re fetching a killer robot while aiding in his killing tendencies. As you might’ve already deduced, the killer robot is the team member for whom Vae Victus gave us the location. It’s not a very long mission, nor is it that interesting, but it does score some major points in the setting – a mech graveyard from a big battle.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: The Devils You Know
  • Unlocks: Hostile Intelligence
  • Location
  • Rewards (At level 45)
    • 11300 Credits
    • 250 XP

After your chat with Vae Victus, you’ll be prompted with going to the refurbished headquarters of the Red Devils on Mars. The location will now have its own fast travel location that’s part of Cydonia (Image 1). When you arrive, it’s a simple matter of taking the elevator below the surface and following the starfield objective marker to Hadrian.

starfield war relics map to r d hq
Image 1

When you chat with Hadrian, you will want to be careful because you can alter the outcome of the UC Vanguard ending. If you decide to tell her about her father, Vae Victus, being alive, then that will lock in a specific ending for the faction. Also, if you don’t tell her through the rest of the missions, then there will be another replayable mission to play at the end of UC Vanguard missions (like a mission board). It is a dilemma because one path is kinda the good path, and the bad path gives you more content. Regardless, we recommend not telling her about her father now, since you can always tell her later.

starfield war relics hadrian convo
Image 2

However you decide to proceed, Hadrian will be surprised that you got her old crew back, and relieved that Kaiser is out there. Then she’ll tell you to follow her to a cabinet, where she gives you Kaiser’s schematics. She will also give you the coordinates for a salvage yard, 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage, on the old battlefield planet Niira where they can probably point you towards Kaiser (Image 2).

No need to exit the Red Devil Headquarters — you can fast travel from inside. Go straight to your missions, then click the button for “Set Course” when selecting the UC Vanguard mission. This will take you directly to Niira, then when in you’re in orbit, you can go to the planet map and land at 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage (Image 3).

starfield war relics niira
Image 3

Once you’re at the salvage yard, your starfield objective marker will take you to Gel, the proprietor (Image 4). He will tell you about a robot that’s out in the mech fields, but won’t give you any specifics, unless you pay him 1000 credits or persuade him. It’s really not worth it to pay him if you can’t pass the persuasion check (especially since we’re going to show you where he is).

starfield war relics gel
Image 4

However, if you’re in a hurry and flush with credits – and you want to save yourself some extra work and a trip back to the salvage yard – go ahead and buy the Microcell off him under the Misc Items (Image 5). If you don’t have the credits, then no big deal; you’ll just have to come back.

starfield war relics microcell at shop
Image 5

After speaking with Gel, you might not know the location of Kaiser. Honestly, he is quite easy to locate yourself. If you head out into the mech fields adjacent to the north side of the salvage shop (Image 6), you’ll find a downed ship smack-dab in the middle of the mech field, The UC Syracuse (Image 7).

Once you find the ship, you’ll start to hear a beacon and your current objective will change to following it. Inside the ship, you’ll discover that the beacon is our metallic friend Kaiser.

The robot is in a sorry state, because he has heatleeches all over him. Make sure you’re using a weapon that does real damage, and blast or slice the slug-like creatures off his metal frame. The first time we did this, we shot them with an em gun to not hurt Kaiser. Well, as soon as those heatleeches got off him, they ran out into the mech field and scattered, then we have to chase them. It was an ordeal.

starfield war relics heatleeches
Image 8

With his metallic frame liberated from the parasites, he’ll require the password that Hadrian told you in order to communicate. Tell him it, and he will let you know that he is low on power and requires a new battery.

This is where you could basically cut the mission in half by having purchased the microcell from Gel. However, we know how hard it is to hold onto credits in Starfield. Head back to the salvage yard and inquire about the microcell with Gel.

He will say that you can purchase an expensive microcell, or he can help you build one. He’ll offer you a deal that he’ll point you towards the right spots to salvage parts if you sell him your excess findings. You won’t really have to sell him anything later, so just accept the deal (Image 9).

starfield war relics gel deal
Image 9

You’ll have a bunch of starfield objective markers all over the mech field. Go to each one and salvage the parts until you find the shielding, power source, and conduction array. You will want to be careful since the area is covered with Sirens, which are the bullet-sponge animals roaming around.

They can be tough to take down, but they offer some good XP in return. If you don’t want to use up the ammo, just jetpack around them because they can only attack you up close. There are also some Ecliptic mercenaries; those guys are wimps, though.

starfield war relics shielding salvage
Image 10

Finally, you’ll have everything you need, and your next marker will be back in the salvage yard at their industrial workbench. Use the bench and scroll down the list of crafting items until you reach “microcell” (Image 11). After clicking it, you’ll automatically get it in your inventory.

starfield war relics microcell fabrication
Image 11

Fork over the microcell and Kaiser will power up and start speaking faster – thank goodness. Chatting with him, you’ll find that he still wants to complete his mission before taking on a new one. Of course, he’ll be grateful if you help. It’s time to go big game hunting!

Kaiser will walk you a fairly short ways through the mech field, but you will have to fight some Sirens on your way. Again, be careful if you’re using a melee weapon, because they can lunge at you and do significant damage. We recommend using your highest damage gun to play it safe.

starfield war relics shooting siren
Image 12

Eventually, you’ll reach Angel Redoubt, a location on top of a hill in the mech field. Kaiser will stop to discuss your plan of action on account of Unit 99 being held captive by Ecliptic Mercenaries. You can offer that he stay and let you handle it, or you can both do a frontal assault on the compound. If you want to sneak around or snipe them, then go ahead and leave him there. But we brought him along to distract enemies, since he can’t die.

The next part is straight up combat. You’ll be tasked with clearing the base and taking out Unit 99. We found it was more pragmatic to deal with the mercenaries first while being on higher ground away from Unit 99, and then taking care of the xenoweapon. The one real danger in the base that you will want to prioritize is the ecliptic boss.

starfield war relics ecliptic boss
Image 13

When everything is dead, you can get Kaiser up to speed on the reason you came to grab him. He will tell you that he’s on board, then you can fast travel to Red Devil HQ back on Mars. You don’t need to follow or wait for the robot, he’ll automatically be at the HQ when you get there. You’ll stand there while the crew greet Kaiser, then the mission will end.

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