How to Use Quickslots – Starfield

You’ll be picking up and using a lot of different items in Starfield. There will be times when you’ll want to swap between different weapons in the middle of combat. You’ll also want to take advantage of aid items such as Med Packs without having to open your inventory every time. This is where quick slots come in.

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to favorite an item from your inventory screen as well as how to access those favorited items using the quickslot menu or keybinds.

Before you can access an item via your quickslots, you’ll first need to add it to your favorites. To do this, locate the item in your inventory and select it. Press computer key b t / playstation triangle button / button xbox y v2 to favorite the item, and select an empty quickslot to put it in. Exit out of your inventory and you should be able to access the item through your quickslot menu.

You can favorite more than just weapons. Throwables and aid items are also great to have on your quickslots. You can also favorite packs or other gear if you want to be able to switch to them on the fly.

Quickslots work slightly differently depending if you are using a controller or keyboard, so we’ll cover them each in their own section below.

Your game will not pause while the quickslot menu is open, but time will be significantly slowed down.

You can open your quickslot menu with the computer key q t key. This will allow you to see what items you have favorited. Hover over a quickslot with your mouse to view an item’s name. Activate it by clicking with your mouse or using the keybind shown on the slot.

You can also swap between favorited items without opening the quickslot menu at all. You just need to know which key an item is bound to. The default bindings are the number keys and the two brackets, [ and ]. Press the appropriate keybind and you’ll instantly swap to or use the slotted item.

To access the quickslot menu on a controller you’ll need to use the D-pad. Press any directional arrow on the pad to open the menu, then use those same arrows to navigate between quickslots.

There is no way to instantly swap items on a controller. You must go through the quickslot menu.

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