Out on a Limb – Starfield Mission

After assisting Kelton Frush with his data gathering efforts during A Tree Grows in New Atlantis and waiting for at least an in-game day, your quest log will invite you to speak with Kelton again. This will kick off the second part of his quest chain revolving around the hidden dangers of New Atlantis’ lush flora.

Since you’ve already completed A Tree Grows in New Atlantis, you should know where to find Kelton, the quest-giver NPC you’ll need to talk with to start Out on a Limb. But in case you’ve forgotten, he’s hanging around by the big tree in New Atlantis’ MAST district.

starfield limb kelton

Talking with Kelton will reveal that the tree he’s studying is emitting some barely perceptible vibrations that, if left unchecked, may cause considerable damage to the city of New Atlantis.

starfield limb kelton concerned

Luckily, Kelton is already working on a solution. But in order to properly formulate it, he needs some data from a colleague of his – Emilio Hadek. And since Kelton and Emilio more or less hate each other, it will be up to you to convince Emilio to share his data.

Using the trusty method of following the quest marker while consulting your hand scanner (1) when you need more precise directions, you should make your way to Emilio (2) who, being younger, lazier and less important than Kelton, is hanging out by a smaller tree a short jog away.

Even though Kelton warns you about mentioning his name to Emilio, the latter will see right through you and realize who you’re working for no matter what you say to him. Reluctant at first because of his feud with Kelton, he’ll eventually agree to share his data, but only in exchange for a favor.

His big plan to get ahead in his field is for you to break into his boss’s apartment and delete his latest performance evaluation. You can either agree to do this, or attempt to persuade him to just give you the data. Succeeding in the Persuasion check will allow you to either get the data right away, or still go along with Emilio’s plan but get some extra credits in the process.

If you really don’t want to help Emilio, you can also pickpocket (3) the data from him, known as Emilio’s Slate, or even kill him and loot it from his body (4).

If you decide to help Emilio out with his problem, a new quest marker (5) will direct you to Orion Tower (6), an apartment complex not far from Emilio’s location. Enter the elevator in the lobby and activate the button inside (7).

This will take you upstairs. Your target (8) is the first door on the right (the only one you can actually open). Getting inside will require picking a Novice-level lock (9). Consult our lockpicking guide if you need help with that.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see Chief Engineer’s Terminal right away (10). Use it (11), then access the Personnel Files folder (12). There, your target is the Hadek, Emilio subfolder (13). Access it, then go straight for Purge All Files (14).

Return to Emilio and he’ll give you the data, plus an extra 1000 Credits if you managed to persuade him earlier.

Regardless of how you obtain the data, you’ll then need to return to Kelton who you’ll find in his usual spot. Just follow the quest marker if you still have trouble navigating New Atlantis.

starfield limb kelton return

Talking with Kelton will complete the quest, and once again give you the “Check in on Kelton Later” Activity, suggesting that this wasn’t the last time the botanist will have a task for you. Simply wait an in-game day if you want to complete this quest chain right away by doing Late Bloomer.

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