Eyewitness – Starfield Mission

Once Delivering Devils is completed, it will be time to testify before the United Colonies cabinet on the Terrormorph threat.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Location
  • Rewards
    • 12000 Credits
    • 350 XP

From your landing pad at New Atlantis, proceed straight and turn left onto the ramp leading into the city. Cross this plaza to the NAT car and choose the MAST district. Go up the ramp here and head to the front of the MAST building to find Hadrian.

starfield eyewitness hadrian

You’ll be assigned this mission by Hadrian after completing Delivering Devils.

Speak to Hadrian in front of the MAST building. She will explain her past and her relationship with her father. Ask her what to say to unlock more dialogue options during the meeting, as well as any other questions you’d like. Once you’re done choose “Don’t have any questions, no.” to move on with the mission.

starfield eyewitness hadrian dialogue
Ask for suggestions on what to say to unlock more dialogue options with the Cabinet

After the conversation, head up the stairs into the building and enter the elevator. Choose Cabinet Chambers / Interstellar Affairs and go right. You should see Hadrian leading the way. Stand in the front-middle of the podium to start a conversation with the Cabinet.

You’ll have a series of choices to make about explaining the situation to the Cabinet. Your choices here won’t impact the outcome of the mission in any way. After the conversation, the facility enters a lockdown.

It turns out that Terrormorphs are attacking the New Atlantis Spaceport, and you are the closest thing to an anti-xeno force the UC has nearby. The president orders you to get to the Spaceport, so her decision on unlocking the archives will have to wait.

Return to the elevator and select the NAT Station as your destination. When you arrive at the NAT station, you’ll find the guards are being attacked by civilians.

Grab the EM weapon on the ground, equip it, and use it to incapacitate the attackers. EM weapons are non-lethal to humans, so they’re the best choice in this situation. Alternatively you can use normal weapons, but Hadrian, and presumably the citizens, will not appreciate it.

starfield eyewitness em weapon on floor
The EM weapon is in front of the elevator

If you don’t want to use lethal force, be careful to not melee anybody since it results in an instakill.

Once the civilians are dealt with, speak to the nearby guard about the situation. If you killed anybody, you’ll get a different response compared to solving it without lethal force. After the conversation, board the NAT to the Spaceport.

The situation in the Spaceport is naturally quite chaotic. Remember to equip an actual weapon instead of the EM weapon used for riot control. Cross the plaza from the NAT car towards the landing pads. When you reach the ramp you’ll find UC Security battling a Terrormorph.

starfield eyewitness reaching terrormorphs

UC Security should draw most of the Terrormorph’s attention, but it will turn officers to its side during the fight. It’s best to just ignore the turned officers and focus on the alien since they’ll turn back to normal once it’s defeated.

You’ll experience some uncomfortable visions during the fight, but fortunately it won’t turn you against your allies.

After defeating the Terrormorph, speak to Sergeant Yumi on the left side of the ramp. He’ll tell you there are two more Terrormorphs to fight, but he can offer you a fire team to support you.

Speak to the Fireteam on the opposite side of the ramp from Yumi and tell them you want them watching your back.

starfield eyewitness speak to fireteam

Go up the ramp on the left to the landing pad with the first Terrormorph.

starfield eyewitness ramp to first terrormorph

The first one will be conveniently located next to a huge fuel tank, which you should fire at immediately. It’ll be thrown to the ground due to the explosion, letting you get some free damage in before it can attack. Continuously walk backwards while shooting at it to avoid most of the damage.

starfield eyewitness first terrormorph

With the first one defeated, cross the landing pad to fight the next alien. This one isn’t next to a fuel tank, but the steps to defeating it will be similar. After the fight, return to the ramp to the city to talk to Sergeant Yumi.

Inform Sergeant Yumi that the Terrormorphs are dealt with, and Hadrian will suggest reporting to President Abello.

Cross the plaza to the NAT car and return to the MAST District. Go to the elevator to the left in the corner of the NAT Station and choose Cabinet Chambers as your destination.

Speak to the president off to the side from the podium. She’ll decide to support opening the archives, and offers you UC citizenship if you can successfully convince the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun to open the archives.

Completing Eyewitness opens up the opportunity to continue the UC Security storyline with Search and Seizure, as well as the continuation of the Vanguard storyline with Friends Like These.

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