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Sifu Review – Kung Fu(n) for Everyone

Full disclosure: I didn’t play Absolver. So if you’re looking for me to compare Sifu to Sloclap’s previous title, I can’t help you. What I can tell you is, I had a blast with this one. Melee combat has always…

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Sifu’s Last Update Has Arrived

Sifu’s final content update launched today, bringing new arenas, challenges, and modifiers. The update is specifically aimed at veteran players, with the new challenges being particularly tricky — they’ll only unlock after completing previous, related ones. Anyone who still hasn’t…

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Final Sifu Update Revealed

In this era of games releasing unfinished, Sifu’s 2022 launch was a breath of fresh air. Developer Sloclap wasn’t content to drop a great game, however, and they’ve done an incredible job supporting their Kung fu brawler post-launch. A number…

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Howie Lee Melds Old and New on Sifu’s Soundtrack

In their latest behind the scenes video, Sloclap gave us some insight into the sounds of Sifu, with a focus on the game’s soundtrack. Composed by Beijing-based electronic artist Howie Lee, the music of Sifu combines traditional instruments and melodies…