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Stray Review – An Impawsibly Immersive Adventure

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it for as long as it’s true – thank goodness for indie developers. In a gaming landscape that’s starting to look more and more like Hollywood, where lifeless sequels and trend-following $60…

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7 Reasons Why Stray Just Might Win Game of the Year

2022 was a great year for games. New open-world titans Elden Ring and the oft-neglected Horizon: Forbidden West were released, both to critical acclaim, with the former setting a new gold standard for action RPGs. Emotional, narrative juggernauts like Plague…

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Stray Difficulty & Time to Beat

In this article, we’ll discuss Stray’s difficulty, and how long it will take the average player to complete the game.  Is Stray Hard? The short answer is no, Stray is not a difficult game. However, whether or not you find…

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Stray Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

Ever since Stray was first announced around two years ago, people have been wondering when they would be able to take control of a cat. During Playstation’s recent State of Play, they released a new trailer for the game, which…

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Stray Announcement Trailer Revealed

During Playstation’s Future of Gaming event, they announced a new game called Stray, along with releasing a teaser for it. While we don’t see much as far the game’s story, one thing is clear — if you wanted to experience…