How to Fix the Broken Tracker (Hints & Solutions) – Stray

In order to find Doc and continue through the game, you’ll need to fix the Broken Tracker. In this guide, we’ll give hints and detailed instructions on how to get the tracker fixed!

 Show the Tracker to some of the robots in town and see what they say.

You’ll need someone to make you a Poncho in order to get the Tracker fixed. 

Read the signs to help you find the robots you need to help you. One of the places you need to go is the Market Place.

You’ll have to solve another puzzle and get an item, then trade that item for another, then give your new item to someone else to get a third item, before you can get the Tracker fixed. 

How to Fix the Broken Tracker and Find Doc

This is a multi-step puzzle. You need to complete the following (in order):

  1. Get the Super Spirit Detergent
  2. Trade the Detergent for the Electric Cable
  3. Give the Electric Cable to Grandma to get a Poncho
  4. Give the Poncho to Elliot.

See here for instructions on getting the detergent, and here for instructions on getting the cable, poncho, and finding Elliot.

Once Elliot has the Poncho, he’ll stop shivering and you can give him the Broken Tracker, which he’ll fix for you!

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