The Flat Walkthrough (Hints & Solutions) – Stray

Once inside the flat, head through the bead curtain and into the next room, where you’ll need to solve a puzzle to proceed.

You need to do the thing that people who work from home always complain about their cats doing.

Walk over to the computer screen and stand on the keyboard. After a few “exchanges” with whoever is speaking through the computer, a door behind you will open.

puzzle solution keyboard the flat stray

Head through the now-open door near the bead curtain, where you’ll need to solve another puzzle to proceed.

There are four identical objects in the room that must be plugged in — one is not visible when you enter the room, and revealing the hidden one will allow you to reach another.

You need to find the four power cubes and plug them into the slots below the monitors. One is found on the bookshelf, and another is found in the equipment on the center table (1). Another is revealed when you pull the lever in the corner of the room (2) — pulling the lever makes it possible to reach both the third and fourth cube (3).

After solving the puzzle, one of the bookcases will move and reveal a secret room. Head inside, and you’ll need to do some searching in order to progress. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’ll need to do something with it…

This is a two-step puzzle, so here’s two hints:

  • Cats like to get up high and knock things off of shelves.
  • Once you’ve found a new object, pick it up and explore — pay attention to the arrows.

Jump up onto the top of the strange white pod, and from there to the nearby shelf (1). At the end of the shelf, knock the box off onto the ground, and the drone will fall out. Then, pick up the drone and carry it back into the previous room, and place it where the arrows indicate (2).

After solving the puzzle, you’ll get another cutscene, in which you’ll meet your companion/translator/inventory management system, B-12. Once you finish your “conversation” with the drone, follow it over to the keys on the wall and then use the button prompted to have B-12 pick up the keys. Follow B-12 over to the other side of the room and he’ll put a little vest on you.

Walk back into the room where you solved the computer puzzle and you’ll be prompted to open your inventory — here you can see what you’re currently carrying and examine it more closely, should you need to do so. For now, close your inventory, and B-12 will let you know that you can show him or other characters items you’re carrying (this can be a useful way to get hints on what to do or where to go next). Walk over to the locked door and interact with the panel. This will automatically open your inventory — select the Keys and the door will open.

Head into the dark hallway and you’ll be shown how to use the drone’s flashlight. Activate it, and you’ll see that there’s a door at the end of the hall secured by a keypad.

Even though the saying is “curiosity killed the cat”, this time it should yield the information you need. Take a right to head into the room off of the hallway, and do the kinds of things cats would do.

The door code is 3748. You can find it yourself by jumping up onto the shelf with the whiteboard and knocking over the paint can.

door code for leaving flat stray

Input the code into the keypad, then head through the door. You’ll find yourself back outside — hop into the nearby bucket and enjoy the ride. Once the bucket stops, hop out and head over to the colorful mural just ahead. A cutscene will play, and then you’ll earn your first Memory. Memories are collectibles that reveal more about B-12, and by extension the world of Stray. Turn right and continue past the mural, and you’ll soon find your path blocked by a chain link fence — do some kitty parkour to make your way around the fence and then head down towards the next bucket ride.

Once the bucket ride ends and you hop out, you’ll be attacked by Zurks, so immediately start running towards the white neon sign that’s shaped like a house. Jump up onto the pipe and make your way past the sign, and continue forward into The Slums!

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