How to Stop Elliot from Shivering (Hints & Solution)

In order to progress through the game’s main story, you’ll need to get the robot Elliot to stop shivering. Read on for hints and specific instructions on how to do so!

If only he had something to wear”¦

Explore the street Elliot’s apartment is on and see if you meet anyone who can help. 

You’ll need to solve another puzzle and make a trade before you can get what Elliot needs. 

How to Help Elliot

Before you can help Elliot, you first need to get the Super Spirit Detergent – see here for our guide on that puzzle. Once you’ve got it, you’ll need to go to the Market Place. Head to where the Guardian is, and then turn right and go down the stairs (1). Ahead on the left (2) is an NPC that will trade you Electric Cable if you give him the Super Spirit Detergent (3). 

Once you have the Electric Cable, head back up the stairs and turn left to go back down the other set of stairs. Continue forward into the alley and turn left (1) – you’ll see some signs (2), and here you can turn right and continue to the end of the alley to find Grandma (3). 

Give Grandma the Electric Cable and she’ll knit a Poncho and give it to you. Sadly, you don’t get to wear it – it’s for Elliot. Turn around and go back up the street, then scratch at the door on the left until it opens (1). Head inside and follow the red neon sign that points upstairs. Upstairs you’ll find Elliot – speak with him and give him the Poncho, and he’ll be willing to help you!

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