How to Solve All Puzzle Doors – Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwart Legacy’s Puzzle Doors are the doors with number puzzles on them you will encounter inside of Hogwarts Castle. They have a blank blackboard on them and, when selected, a number puzzle will appear. The goal will be to search the area for symbol panels, reveal the symbols, and then correctly input them on the panels.

If you would like to try solving them on your own first, we suggest starting with the Arithmancy Classroom Puzzle Doors, located on the wooden-boarded walkway next to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame.

When approaching one, the player will first see a door with a blank blackboard on it. When they select the door, a number puzzle will appear.

If players look around the area, they will find symbol panels. The symbol panels have either one or two large question marks on them and can be revealed by casting the Revelio spell-they will glow blue afterward.

After finding the door and the two panels, the player has to simply use the door puzzle to solve which symbol belongs on each panel. To solve the puzzle, you will need to know which symbol correlates with which number. The symbols are numbered from left to right, starting at zero and ending at nine. Now we simply have to find the missing numbers, which are represented on the puzzle door with a “?” or a “??”.

Notice how the question marks are located at one corner of a triangle: when all corners of a both triangles add up to the numbers in the center of those triangles, then the door will open.

Here is a complete list of which symbols correlate with which numbers. You don’t really need this list, though, because the symbols are in order above each door, going from left to right, starting at zero and ending at nine.

hogwarts legacy puzzle door guide all icons and numbered
Some symbols match their number, like a unicorn being number one and the spider being number 8

The easiest way to solve these number problems is (1) to replace all the symbols with their designated number, then (2) solve it by adding together the corners and figure out how much we need to get to the sum in the center, then (4) convert the resulting number to its symbol.

Let’s look at the example below.

hogwarts legacy puzzle door guide puzzle door example 1
After doing a couple of these, they’re very easy
  1. First, let’s convert the Graphorn Head to its number, 2. Then, we could simply think of the addition problem as 11 + 2 + ? = 21.
  2. So if 11 + 2 = 13, we just need to know what number would get us to 21, which is 8. 11 + 2 + 8 = 21.
  3. Looking back up at the table, we see that 8 is represented by the Spider, so would need to interact with the single question mark panel until it shows the Spider.

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