The Trials of Merlin – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

This walkthrough of the Main Story quest “Trials of Merlin” will guide you through your first encounter with the Trials of Merlin — plus a bit of a scuffle with some of Rookwood’s goons. Right after you finish The Girl from Uagadou in Lower Hogsfield, you’ll hear a scream and can go investigate it to do this quest, or you can come back to Lower Hogsfield later.

  • Quest Type: Main Story
  • Location: Lower Hogsfield, South Hogwarts Region, Highlands (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 260 XP
    • Unlocks Merlin Trials

When the quest begins, you’ll need to head across the narrow strip of land in the water, towards the objective marker (1). Head to the little hut (2), and go around it to the far side, where you’ll see a group of people arguing. Get close enough and a cutscene will play.

When it ends, you’ll find yourself in combat with the two Ashwinder Scouts. Try to not use Ancient Magic Throw yet, since you’ll need it in a sec — once you defeat these first two foes, three more will show up. Take out the Scouts first, as they go down faster than the Duellist, who you’ll want to use Ancient Magic Throw on after breaking their shield with Incendio (don’t forget it’s got a fairly short range, so get nice and close before you cast it).

Defeat all of the Ashwinders, and then you’ll be able to speak with the stranger, who turns out to be Nora Treadwell. She’ll explain that the vine-covered pillars behind her are the ‘Trials of Merlin’, and she’s close to figuring out how they work. Once the conversation ends, go over to Nora’s tent, walk up to her trunk (1), and once you get the prompt, press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to get the Mallowsweet Leaves from the trunk.

Walk over to the stone swirl on the ground (1) and stand in the center (2). You’ll get a prompt to use the Mallosweet — do so by pressing playstation square button/button xbox x v2. The vines will disappear from the pillars, and then you’ll need to solve the puzzle.

Hold playstation l2 button to aim at the top of the nearest pillar, then cast Incendio on it. You’ll know you’ve done this correctly if the pillar sinks. Do the same to the other 3 pillars, and you’ll get a nice bonus of +25 HP, and a brief cutscene will play.

incendio on pillars trials of merlin guide walkthrough hogarts legacy
“Ready, aim, fire”, quite literally

Walk over to Nora and speak with her one last time. She’ll thank you, and encourage you to solve other Merlin Trials as you come across them (they’re all over the area outside Hogwarts).

That concludes this quest! The next Main Story quest depends on the house you’re in:

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