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The only part of a wand in Hogwarts Legacy that can be changed after selecting your wand is the wand handle. Players can find and collect up to 42 different wand handles throughout the game. As with all the other parts of the wand, these are strictly cosmetic and do not affect gameplay or magic power.

Changing out handles is very easy. Once you have found a new handle, you can simply go to your gear menu and select “wand handles” on the left side of the screen. Worth noting is that players can also choose to not have a handle on their wand. You can also see what type of wand you made at Ollivander’s in this menu, in case you forgot.

hogwarts legacy wand handle gear v2
Wand handles are a fun, fashionable option for players

Hogwarts Legacy has an interesting gear pursuit because a lot of the items are randomly given from loot chests throughout the game. This makes it hard to find specific gear that you want. That being said, there are several quests early on that reward specific wand handles. If you have certain tastes, then you can get a wand handle at the start of the game that suits you while you explore for more later.

Here’s a short list of the early missions and what wand handle they reward:

While exploring, it is always a good idea to cast Revelio if you see a chest on your mini-map; this makes the chest glow and shows the location. This is especially practical towards the end of the game, when you will be able to access most chests through puzzles and spells. If you are diligent while exploring, you’ll have a collection of wand handles in no time.

Have you found a wand handle you love? Tell us about it in the comments!

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