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15 days ago

your calculator is built a little wrong. the combat tree requires LESS points than the rest to get to the next tiers. ALL of the other tiers and levels cost 4 to proceed, but it is reduced in Combat for some reason. you may want to adjust it because I can’t replicate my actual in game build here. Since the costs are more here, than in the game, to progress to the next tier … just wanted to let you know. Thank you for taking the time to make this – it’s great otherwise.

Reply to  Nakroma
10 days ago

So I have a pretty extensive collection of saves and decided I would run back through them to see why the tree is shorter (mine is the same way at Lvl 23). Someone on reddit mentioned something similar and that they noticed it being tied to level but did not mention what levels so I did some digging. So at level 12 with only one point in Lasers and nothing else, it takes 3 to go to the second tier, 7 for the third, and 11 for the fourth tier (just like any other branch). On my level 13 save it only takes 2 for second tier, 6 for third tier, and 10 for fourth tier (still the same up to my current level: 23). That’s still with only 1 point allocated into the combat tree. I double checked my magazines and there are none that I have that provide a bonus to the tree’s skill point requirements (at least not specified) and Industrialist does not provide any changes to the combat tree.

I put the theory to the test and leveled up my level 12 save to level 13, but it did not change the requirements, so I figured I would look for changes between the level 12 save and level 13 save. The only things I could see that I did was get two more artifacts, find Andreja, and start a search for my first anomaly (all part of Into The Unknown, but I hadn’t finished the quest yet when the combat tree requirements changed). My assumption given what I found is that it is either: A. Tied to part of Into The Unknown somehow, or B. It’s a glitch of some sort. I don’t have it in me to replay almost all of Into the Unknown so I can’t confirm either way, but it was sometime during my progress in that quest that I leveled up to level 13 and the combat tree requirements went down. I’m leaning towards it being a glitch since it’s the only tree that had this happen.

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