Burden of Proof – Starfield Mission

During the mission Deep Cover, players will start a secondary mission that they can incrementally complete while they are playing through the Crimson Fleet faction quests. This mission, Burden of Proof, tasks the player with finding incriminating evidence against the fleet and their operations. You will really only want to do this quest if you plan on siding with UC SysDef: the more evidence you find, the easier it’ll make the final mission, Legacy’s End. However, if you end up siding with the pirates, the evidence you collected will make the mission significantly harder.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Deep Cover
  • Location
    • System: Sol
    • Planet: Phobos
    • Ship: UC Vigilance
  • Rewards
    • 3000 credits per piece of evidence
    • 350 XP (At level 42)
    • Memento Mori

Evidence is usually sitting out in plain sight, or it is hidden in locked areas / containers. If you don’t want to be led to each piece of evidence, and you’d rather find them organically while you play, then here are some tips:

  • Check areas where you meet your Crimson Fleet contacts.
  • Explore Crimson Fleet Missions thoroughly.
  • Look around any bars or drinking areas that you find anywhere in the Galaxy.
  • Check areas where criminals hang out.

Below, you’ll find an explanation for how to find each piece of evidence. The first one’s listed are the evidence from the actual Crimson Fleet missions. All of these have links to their more in-depth mission guides, which show exactly what point in the mission you’ll find the evidence. Some mission evidence recordings are in areas in which you can’t return – don’t miss out on grabbing them!

Players will find evidence during the first mission on the desk right behind Adler Kemp at the Broken Spear bar on Mars, in Cydonia.

starfield crimson fleet deep cover evidence

On this longer mission, players can find two pieces of evidence. The first is pretty hard to miss, as you will need it to find out how the prisoner’s escaped the cell block. After you have visited the watch tower, found Kry’s Cell, and pried open his lamp, you’ll head to a locker in the shower areas of D-Block. The evidence is inside.

starfield burden of proof carters gig

The second piece of evidence is towards the end of the mission. You will speak to Delgado one last time on an intercom in the Warden’s Office. Just to the right of the intercom is the evidence on a shelf.

starfield burden of proof wardens log

Again, there are two pieces of evidence during this mission. The first you can get immediately after boarding the Siren of the Stars. After speaking with Rokov for the first time, go up the stairs to your left, and at the top of the stairs you will see the door to Rokov’s room across the way next to a vending machine. Inside his room, the evidence is on the shelf by the bed.

For this piece of evidence, you can’t miss it unless you shoot Larry Dumbowski to get his credentials instead of sneaking around the ship and getting dirt on him. When you follow the objectives that don’t involve killing Larry, you will eventually be talking to Gabriel Vera in his room. Once you’re at this point, you can pay Gabriel 2,500 credits for the evidence or kill him and take the evidence. Killing him, though, will get you kicked out of SysDef, so just pay the man.

starfield burden of proof galbank plan

At the start of the mission, you’ll meet with Huan in Jay’s House. In the kitchen of the establishment is a piece of evidence on a counter.

The second piece of evidence is down in Doctor Vogel’s office. You will eventually have to meet him to either kill him or persuade him. Once you’re in the office, go to the back and there will be a separate computer room; the evidence is on a cart in a corner of the room.

The first piece of evidence is found after you meet with Estelle Vincent. You’ll have the optional objective of finding evidence to extort Ayumi Komiko; go up to her office and either digipick the safe or persuade Ji Nashida at the office entrance to open it for you.

starfield burden of proof bayo evidence

The second piece is found at the next stop after getting the evidence against Ayumi. Head to Euphorika to extort Ayumi and buy your way into the private lounge; the evidence will be on the liquor shelves behind the bartender upstairs.

starfield burden of proof ayumis offer

You can grab this evidence in Madame Sauvage’s, at either the start or the end of the mission. We prefer the end, because as long as you didn’t snitch on Estelle Vincent to Bayu, you’ll have to go to the back room of Madame Sauvages’s to speak to Estelle. The evidence is in the back room, sitting on the nightstand by the bed.

starfield burden of proof estelle evidence

Note: You want to make sure that you’ve collected all other pieces of evidence before you embark on this mission. Some pieces of evidence hidden around the galaxy (from the list below) will be locked out from being accessed after this mission.

This is another very difficult recording to miss, because it is right next to the second transfer module in the Vault Control Center.

starfield burden of proof gblr013 mortem obire 2 v2

These first three pieces of evidence can actually be found aboard the Key in miscellaneous locations. The next two can be found during small side missions you get aboard The Key, and the stragglers are in random places (mostly bars).

This evidence is in Jasime (Jazz) Durand’s office in ship services. You will have to come to her office a couple of times throughout the Crimson Fleet missions.

starfield burden of proof request a17

This is the harder one to locate on the Key. Head to the Reckoner’s Core and go left. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see a bunch of bunk rooms for the pirates. Head all the way down the hall towards the end and there will be a room off to the left. The evidence will be on a box by a bunk.

starfield burden of proof miras demise

The last recording on The Key is up in the command center. If you go up the stairs to the higher level, you’ll find Delgado’s Room and workstation. In the corner over by his computer is the evidence on a panel.

starfield burden of proof vosss parts

If you go and speak with the bartender, Bog, at the Last Nova, he will give you a side mission called Reclaiming the Past, in which you need to go and collect a ring from an abandoned Ecliptic base. It’s a very direct fetch mission, and there is combat when you arrive at the base. If you can’t find your way around the base, then use your scanner. In the same container with the ring, you will find the evidence.

Another side mission where you can find evidence is Doctor’s Orders for the physician in the clinic, Samina Mizrah. It is another fetch quest, but this one doesn’t have combat. Instead, you will have the opportunity to persuade a nurse into giving you medical supplies. When you arrive at The Clinic to persuade nurse Gennady, the evidence will be right behind him on a cabinet.

  • Location:
    • System: Wolf
    • Station: The Den

This evidence is on a lovely little station called The Den, which is a perfect place to unload stolen goods or contraband. As soon as you arrive, walk forwards and you will see some high-top tables. The evidence is on one of the tables closer to the Trade Authority window.

starfield burden of proof kreet offer evidence
  • Location:
    • System: Valo
    • Planet: Polvo
    • City: Hopetown

When you land in Hopetown, just head straight, and you’ll find The Pit Stop bar; it’s the first door you’ll see that’s a part of the main building. The evidence is on the corner of the bar inside.

  • Location:
    • System: Porrima
    • Planet: Porrima III
    • City: Red Mile

This is definitely the funniest recording, at least in our opinion. Fly your ship to the Red Mile, and head into the bar. On the bar counter to your left is the evidence: a recording of the plan to steal a bunch of Chunks.

starfield burden of proof chunks hest evidence
  • Location:
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Gagarin
    • City: Gagarin Landing

Another flight to another random bar; once you land in Gagarin Landing, head straight through town until you see an open-air bar with some red lights. The evidence is on the right side of the bar.

After you have collected all the evidence, you need to return to Lieutenant Toft aboard the UC Vigilance. Depending on which Crimson Fleet mission you are on, the Vigilance will either be in the Sagan System or the Kryx System. After giving her all the 20 pieces of evidence, you can chat more with Toft, and you’ll receive the Memento Mori pistol.

starfield burden of proof memento mori
This pistol might seem weirdly familiar to Destiny 2 players

We hope that his guide helped you collect all the evidence without a hitch. Were you able to find them all yourself? Which piece of evidence evaded you the most? Let us know in a comment!

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