Tapping the Grid – Starfield Mission

While wandering around New Atlantis, there’s a chance you’ll hear a UC Security officer mention that MAST sent somebody to investigate the regular brown outs in The Well. With no success in solving the brown outs so far, it seems like the MAST technician will need some assistance.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Location
  • Rewards
    • 2500 Credits
    • 75 XP

From the landing pad in New Atlantis, head straight and enter the city from the ramp. Go left towards Jemison Mercantile, the building with glass walls. On the other side of the building you’ll find an elevator to take you down to The Well. Proceed straight and through the hallway to the left of the stairwell. Continuing straight will lead you to Louisa Reyez, where the mission begins.

Speak to Louisa and offer to help her with the brown outs. She’ll direct you to investigate a junction box near UC Surplus.

Turn around from Louisa and enter the hallway leading to the main shopping area of The Well. Turn left at the stairway leading back to the upper level of New Atlantis and you’ll see the junction box. Open the panel door and activate the electrical panel. Louisa will direct you to a new junction box quite a bit away.

For some reason the quest marker may still be active over the panel you just flipped, but you do not have to interact with it again.

From the first box, head pass the House of Enlightenment towards the Trade Authority. Take a right before the Trade Authority and climb up the stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs take another left and head through the red doors. You may have to activate a nearby switch to open them.

Beyond the door, head up the stairs and you’ll find the panel covered by a yellow door. Open the door, the panel, and then finally activate the junction box.

Luckily, the next junction box is easier to find. Head back down the stairs and walk down the pathway to the set of stairs leading left. Proceed straight from the stairs and you’ll find the junction box. Once again open the panel and activate the box.

For the final junction box, climb up the stairs across the hall from junction box 3 and go through the red double doors. Go down the stairs inside and at the bottom turn right into the main plaza.

Cross the plaza and head up the stairs, turning left at the top. Proceed down this path and you’ll find a room with a locked door and four panels. In order to open the door, you will have to toggle the two panels in the middle. The locked door will open, allowing you to toggle the junction box inside.

With all of the junction boxes sorted out, return to where you met Louisa Reyez. Right past where the quest started you’ll find a stairway leading up to the maintenance office she is in. Speak to her to discover the Trade Authority may be behind the brown outs and complete the mission.

Another side mission complete. What do you think of The Well? I like it’s inclusion in-game, but navigating around it can definitely be a pain. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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