The Devils You Know – Starfield Mission

Sad to say, this mission is another quick fetch quest, but at least it adds some intrigue to the plot with a mysterious new character. In order for you and Hadrian to successfully operate this counter Terrormorph project, you’re going to need help, and someone is offering it”¦ for a price. Let’s find out who this person behind the scenes is, and what they need help with.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Friends Like These
  • Unlocks: War Relics
  • Location
  • Rewards (At level 45)
    • 4000 Credits
    • 150 XP

Luckily, finding Subsection is very easy; go to the MAST elevator – it’s the lowest floor. You’ll find a large storage area, but over to your right is a secure door that has a guard outpost (Image 1). Wait at the door for the guard to verify your meeting, then proceed through.

starfield devils you know subsection seven door
Image 1

Inside, you’ll find a luxurious, massive prisoner cell. In front of the right window panel, there will be a chair and an intercom. You don’t have to sit in the chair to use the intercom. After you talk to the stranger for a little while, you’ll discover his identity: Vae Victus (Image 2).

starfield devils you know vae victus
Image 2

The old war general will tell you that he’s been helping the UC find old war criminals, and that he has information on some old Red Devils that could help yours and Hadrian’s analysis of the Terrormorph threat. Of course, there’s a catch to this aid he’s offering. He wants you to find a scientist that fled the Tribunal after the Colony War, Dr. Reginald Orlase. He has a good idea of the system in which he’s hiding, and a contact for you to get more information.

It’s worth noting that Vae wants you to kill this doctor, but you can push back against this, saying you will bring him in to face justice. This will not have any effect on the outcome of the mission.

This is one of the few optional mission tasks where we will say that it really isn’t even worth the elevator ride, unless you want some more context for the mission. MacIntyre will basically confirm that what Vae Victus is saying is true, and tell you to try to bring him in to face justice. Also, you can hound her about the UC keeping the old war criminal alive, and she’ll essentially say to keep quiet about it and that no one will believe you (Image 3).

starfield devils you know macintyre
Image 3

You can find The Den (space station) in the Wolf System, which is close by to Alpha Centauri (Image 4). Once you dock with The Den and get aboard, follow the starfield objective marker to Captain Marquez. She will tell you that she doesn’t know of Dr. Orlase, but there’s a ship called the Warlock in the system.

starfield devils you know wolf system
Image 4

After you speak to Captain Marquez, you will see a prompt on your screen describing EM weapons for your ship. Before you go and buy the weapons, though, know that you won’t be able to save Dr. Orlase, and you will only be boarding the ship for some extra loot and additional mission context.

starfield devils you know den ship services
Image 5

There is a ship services technician on The Den that can help you put EM weapons on your ship. He is right by the airlock where you came aboard (Image 5). If you want to easily board The Warlock for more story beats, then equipping your ship with EM weapons isn’t a bad idea – as long as you have the credits. You can tell which weapon does EM damage by its stats, and it usually has a name like “suppressor” (Image 6). If you need help navigating the menu to upgrade your ship, check out our guide, How to Upgrade Ships.

starfield devils you know em weapon v2
Image 6

When you go to your star map, you’ll see the starfield objective marker leading you to the Etherea Ruins (Image 7). After traveling there, you’ll see a cluster of asteroids; your target is hidden within. This isn’t a difficult spaceship fight, but you will want to be cautious of the mines floating about the asteroids (Image 7). Hitting one can do significant damage to your shields and hull.

starfield devils you know space mines v2
Image 7

When you move in closer, The Warlock will hail you and start talking trash, then proceed to fire at you. While the story up to this point makes you think that you can bring Dr. Orlase in to face justice, you cannot. You have two options:

  • Blow up his ship and recover his belongings.
  • Disable his engines and climb aboard to recover his belongings from his corpse.

If you choose the latter option, then you will want to have Targeting Control Systems so you can target his engines. Once they’re offline, you will see the option to board (Image 8). As soon as you board and move towards the cockpit, he will take himself out to not be captured. Then the cockpit will open, and you can grab his ID (Image 9). It’s really dumb, but you cannot take the Warlock ship, so no need to try.

Now that you have the doctor’s ID, fast travel back to New Atlantis MAST, then take the elevator down to Subsection Seven. Talk to Vae Victus again, and transfer the ID badge into his cell; he will be pleased with your results. He’ll let you know that he’ll send all the old Red Devil research team members to the headquarters on Mars, except one. You have to go find him yourself, and he’ll provide you with the location (Image 10). This dialogue ends this mission and starts the next.

starfield devils you know vae kaiser
Image 10

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