One Giant Leap – Starfield Mission

This is the final mission of Starfield’s main story. You’ll get a chance to say goodbye to all your friends if you want, and then it’s off to the Unity.

  • Quest Type: Main
  • Prerequisites: Revelation
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • Facility: The Lodge
  • Rewards
    • NG+
    • Starborn Guardian (ship)
    • Starborn Spacesuit Astra

If you want to check in with the members of Constellation before you finish this playthrough, you can find your friends conveniently gathered in the Lodge’s library. Everyone present has something to say about your trip into Unity, and they can usually all be found in the area pictured below — except for VASCO, who is by the entrance to the Library. One character may also be waiting in the chair right outside the library doors.

friends in the library one giant leap starfield mission walkthrough
Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go/Gotta leave you all behind and face the Unity

Once you’re ready to leave, fast travel back to your ship (assuming you aren’t onboard already). With this mission tracked in your Mission Log, you’ll get an objective marker right near your cockpit for the Armillary Screen (Image ?) — its exact position will vary somewhat depending on your ship’s configuration. Interact with the Armillary screen, then select Build Armillary. (If you already built the Armillary at an outpost, you may need to return to said outpost and pack up the Armillary there before you can build it on your ship.)

armillary screen one giant leap starfield mission walkthrough
If you change your mind before jumping to the Unity, you can remove the Armillary by using the Armillary Screen.

A note on NG+: You leave all of your possessions behind when you start New Game+ — all your items, any property you purchased, and so on. You keep your skills and powers, but nothing else.

Now all you have to do is sit in the pilot’s seat, then transfer power to the Grav Drive — doing so will take you to the Unity. There’s no going back at this point, so make sure you’re ready!

After you power up the Grav Drive, you’ll arrive at the Unity. There, you’ll see a version of yourself ahead. Walk forward towards, well, you, and a conversation will begin.

When it ends, you’ll see characters and objects nearby in small groups. By approaching each living tableau, you can get a bit of narration from the other version of you, explaining what happens in the future of each. (The scenes you see change based on which storylines you’ve completed.)

Once you’re done checking out all the little scenes, walk into the large shimmering orb to end the game.

game ending orb one giant leap starfield mission walkthrough
The end of the line

You’ll see the credits screen (which you can skip with the menu button after a moment), and then you’ll be dropped into New Game+.

You’re a Starborn now, which means you get a Starborn ship, outfit, and keep all of the skills and powers you gained through your last playthrough. You’ll be able to level up your powers at the temples — if you find a temple you’ve already visited in your first playthrough, you’ll instead get an upgraded version of that power.

Otherwise, you’re back at the beginning! Your current mission is One Small Step, albeit skipping the first few sequences; your current objective is to get to the Lodge in the MAST District. In order to reach NG++, you’ll need to do the main story once more.

We hope this walkthrough was helpful! Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

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