A Legacy Forged – Starfield Mission

The conclusion to the UC Vanguard faction is a simple mission that ties up the plot, and doesn’t do much else. There isn’t any combat, and the dialogue is limited to a couple rooms. The only meat of the mission is choosing the endings, but even those end up feeling inconsequential.

  • Quest Type: Faction
  • Prerequisite: Hostile Intelligence
  • Location
  • Rewards (At level 46)
    • 31800 Credits
    • 350 XP
    • Access to replayable missions
      • UC Vanguard Missions (spaceship battles)
      • TMD Missions (fighting Terrormorphs)
      • Percival Missions (collecting samples)
      • Preventative Action Missions (conditional on ending)
    • Class One Citizenship
      • Penthouse in New Atlantis
      • Discount at stores in UC Space

Finishing up the faction’s climax of a mission on Londinion, you’ll be tasked with investigating who might have invoked the attack on New Atlantis. This will immediately send you off to Subsection 7 to see if Vae Victus has anything to say about it. When you put the blame on him, he’ll want you to show him your proof. After listening to the recording, he will ask that you not tell the Cabinet. He will also discuss his motive, and his plans on pinning the blame on Doctor Orlase, who died earlier.

starfield a legacy forged vae victus
Image 1

Finishing that conversation, you can take the elevator up to MAST’s top floor. Follow your scanner to the conference room, where Percival and Hadrian are waiting for you. This is the final mission, so you have to make a decision of if you’re telling Hadrian about her father or not (Image 2). If you do, then his involvement will be brought up at the Cabinet meeting, and he’ll be executed. If you don’t, then you can do missions for him called Preventative Action, which involve killing so-called enemies of the UC.

starfield a legacy forged hadrian
Image 2

Other than the admiral, you’ll talk with your crew about the best way to deal with the Terrormorphs, either with a microbe or the aceles. After you have voiced your opinion, you can go to the Cabinet and start the meeting.

Make sure that you save the game before talking to the Cabinet. As soon as you stand on the platform in front of the cabinet, the meeting will start. Right off the bat, you will have your last and final opportunity to tell the truth about that murdering sociopath that has killed hundreds – if not thousands – of innocents. Doing so will fate the ol’ admiral to a death he completely deserves. As we mentioned, not doing so will keep him alive to give you hitman missions.

The next item on the agenda is the Lazarus Plant on Londinion. You can have the Cabinet either:

  • Secure it for the UC and make sure the substance doesn’t leave.
  • Secure it with the Freestar Collective as a sign of good faith.
  • Destroy it

This action doesn’t have any real consequences other than some companions liking or disliking the outcome. If you really want some good faith with a particular companion, then reload the save and pick the “correct” response.

starfield a legacy forged cabinet dialogue
Image 3

The following item of discussion is how to deal with the Terrormorphs. The discussion goes down the same logical arguments that your team just had. Microbe is potentially risky, and the aceles are safe but take longer. In game, the only real difference is that you might see some aceles on planets. That, and once again, some companions will like or dislike a choice – fairly low stakes.

Now let’s get into the good stuff, the rewards. The cabinet will see you and your crew fit to be “class one citizens”. This means you get some money, a penthouse, and discounts at stores. Then that will wrap up the mission, and you are officially done with the UC Vanguard.

In case you haven’t done any activities yet, they are located in your missions tab, but they’re all the way to the right (Image 4).

starfield a legacy forged activities v2
Image 4

This activity will go into your mission log just after finishing the mission. You can go speak to Tuala in his office on the first floor of MAST. He will explain the replayable missions available to you (Image 5):

  • UC Vanguard Missions – Space combat missions where you go and deal with spacers attacking ships.
  • Terrormorph Management Division (TMD) Missions – Regular combat missions where you deal with Terrormorphs.
  • Percival Sample Missions – Fetch quest to retrieve samples of aliens for Percival.
starfield a legacy forged tuala missions
Image 5

He will also inform you about your class one citizen discount and give you your credit allowance for being top citizen, or whatever. However, to get the penthouse, you need to speak to the realty office.

It’s a short walk over to realty office from Tuala. When you speak to the lady there, she will give you the key to your penthouse apartment. It’s located in the residential district’s Mercury Tower in New Atlantis, next door to the gun shop – don’t worry, it’s a safe neighborhood (Image 6). You can customize the apartment with the panel by the kitchen.

starfield a legacy forged apartment
Image 6

If you decided not to rat out the murderous scumbag Francois, then you can return to him in Subsection Seven. He will thank you, then say that there are UC enemies that need to be eliminated, and he can tell you where they are. If you agree, then he will give you a slate with the information. This will start a quest called, Preventative Action.

starfield a legacy forged vae victus 1
Image 7

If you got the admiral executed for treason, then you can return to his cell and open the door. There isn’t anything to loot in his quarters, except a recording that he left for you by his bed. It’s basically him just talking trash – what a sore loser.

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