A Tree Grows in New Atlantis – Starfield Mission

When exploring the city of New Atlantis, you’ll probably be impressed by its robust, well-maintained greenery. But since these are, after all, alien plants, they’ll hold their share of secrets and potential scientific discoveries. This quest is a first in a chain that’ll reveal some of these secrets to you.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Unlocks: Out on a Limb
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • City: New Atlantis
  • Rewards
    • 2000 Credits
    • 100 XP

Chances are, you’ll learn about this quest by merely walking past one of the local UC Security members. But even if you don’t, you can head to New Atlantis’ MAST District, preferably by taking a NAT car. Once you leave the NAT station, you’ll be able to see the tree in question and a scientist-looking fellow pacing back and forth underneath it.

starfield tree in new atlantis location
You can just about see the quest-giver from here.

Once you approach him, the scientist will be revealed as Kelton Frush. Talk to him and he’ll mention some worries he has about the big tree nearby. If you offer to help, he’ll ask you to collect a series of bio-sensors scattered around New Atlantis.

starfield tree in new atlantis sensor ask

With the quest active, all the sensors will be marked on your HUD, and if you bring up your hand scanner by pressing F/LB depending on your peripheral of choice, an arrow on the ground will direct you to the nearest one.

starfield tree in new atlantis path

A seemingly exceedingly simple task, seeing how you get this quest when you’re still new to New Atlantis; its main goal is to help familiarize you with one of Starfield’s main cities.

The majority of the sensors are located in the MAST district, but one will take you to the Commercial district. As you approach the marker there, you’ll discover that it points you to a kid by the name of Jorden Anchali, rather than a sensor.

starfield tree in new atlantis jorden

Talking to Jorden will reveal that he mistook the sensor for some sort of egg and sold it to Ms. Tseng over at UC Distribution.

You won’t have to go far to reach UC Distribution. In fact, you can see the building from where you found Jorden. Follow the marker there, and go inside.

You’ll be able to spot Wen Tseng right away. Talk to her and mention that you need the “egg” she bought from Jorden. She’ll offer to sell it back to you for 100 Credits. Alternatively, you can steal it instead. After speaking with her, you’ll get a second objective marker that will lead you to a nearby office. The transponder is just sitting on a desk inside.

Once you have all the sensors, head back to Kelton in the MAST district and give him his sensors. The quest will then prompt you to wait for Kelton’s analysis, which takes just a few seconds, so hang around and he’ll be done in no time. When your quest log updates, talk to Kelton again and he’ll give you your reward.

Afterward, your quest log will be updated with a new Activity – Check in on Kelton Later. Which means after about an in-game day, when the Activity changes to Speak With Kelton Frush, you’ll be able to visit Kelton again and pick up the next step in this particular quest chain, Out On a Limb.

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