How to Change Your Appearance – Starfield

We’ve all been there; you spend an hour in character creation, then decide you want to change things up. In Starfield, it is easy to change your appearance, and it’s accessible from very early on in the game. Let’s go through where you can find the service.

You can find more detailed instructions below, but here’s a TL;DR on how to change your appearance in Starfield:

  • Go to the Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System
  • Land at New Atlantis
  • Take the NAT train to the Commercial District
  • Find the “Enhance!” store, which is next to Outland, relatively near to the huge UC spire.

There is a store that allows you to change your appearance, found in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. However, it can be tricky to find due to there not being a detailed map. If you follow the main story, you will find yourself in New Atlantis early on. From the landing pad, go down the ramp, and turn left (1). You’ll then walk up an incline to a fountain; on the other side of the fountain is the rapid transit (2) – take it to the Commercial District.

Once you arrive in the district, just walk around the pond, and you will see the appearance changing store’s entrance directly to the left of the apparel store building that has the word ‘Outland’ on it. Once you have discovered a district in the city, you can fast travel to it from the planetary map.

starfield appearance guide new atlantis transit to enhance
All the city’s water features scream “affluent”

If you’re not coming from the landing pad, it’s easiest to get your bearings by the big landmarks. If you look at the buildings, you will notice that there is a massive spire emblazoned with the initials ‘U.C.’ (for United Colonies). The store is close to there.

starfield appearance guide new atlantis market
This is the other side of the Spire from the Lodge

If you walk around to the spire’s western side, there’s a bank, and an apparel shop called Outland. Again, the entrance just to the left of Outland is where you will find the service to change your appearance. The store is called ‘Enhance!’, but the store’s sign is pretty hard to read.

starfield appearance guide new atlantis enhance store
Not the most inviting store for plastic surgery”¦

After entering the store, talk to the man behind the desk. You will have to pay the small fee of 500 credits, then you will enter the same exact customization screen as you saw in character creation.

starfield appearance guide new atlantis enhance store desk

Hopefully this made changing your character’s looks a little easier. Did you make a cool or weird looking character? Tell us about it in the comments!

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