Keeping the Peace – Starfield Mission

New Atlantis has a security officer shortage, despite there being one seemingly at every corner. Nonetheless, this provides you the opportunity to join up with the United Colonies security force and Become part of a better future.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • City: New Atlantis
  • Rewards
    • 2000 Credits
    • 100 XP

From the New Atlantis launchpad, head straight from your ship and up the ramp on the left into the city. At the top of the ramp on the right side you’ll see the entrance to the security office. Head inside to find Sergeant Yumi.

starfield keeping the peace side quest security office door

Inside the security office, talk to Sergeant Yumi inside one of the first booths and tell him you are looking for work. He’ll conduct a pretty thorough interview where it doesn’t matter what you say. After the conversation, you’ll have to talk to Agent Plato.

Exit the security office and turn right, walking across the plaza towards the transit car station. Your quest marker should highlight it. Board the car and head to the MAST district.

After arriving to the MAST district, head left from the car towards the elevator in the corner. Enter the elevator and select the Defense Research floor.

Head through the door on the right marked AEGIS. You’ll find Agent Plato in his office on the left. Explain to him why your there, and he’ll direct you to retrieve a package from a drop point.

starfield keeping the peace side quest aegis intelligence door
Head through the door on the right to find Agent Plato

Go back down the elevator to the NAT transit car and return to the Spaceport. Walk to the sitting area directly on your right to find the package. Stand directly in front of the quest marker, not to the side, to make sure the pick up prompt appears.

starfield keeping the peace side quest agent plato package

With the package in-hand, head back across the plaza to the security office you started the quest at. Speak to Sergeant Yumi, and the quest will be complete!

Some time after completing the quest, a UC security officer will tell you Sergeant Yumi wants to speak to you. Speaking to him will start the A Break at Dawn side quest.

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