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Like its universe, Starfield’s systems are massive, complex, and not always clear. That’s where we come in, to make sure you have all the resources at your disposal to understand all of Starfield’s many (and sometimes unintuitive) systems. Collected below our our tutorials, organized by topic, so that you can most easily find the information you are looking for.

Even some of the basic systems in Starfield can be confusing, especially at a first glance: Lockpicking process, for example, requires Security skill, having digipicks, and then navigating a minigame with rotating circles and pins. Fast Travel is more than just clicking on points on a map — it requires you actually navigating to it and setting your Landing Target. Even the Boost Pack, which you get early on, isn’t usable without points in the correct Skill. No worries, though — our detailed guides will help you through all of these parts of the game and more.

Some parts of Starfield go beyond a simple step-by-step: surveying planets, for example, requires knowing what you are even looking for, and then also where you should be looking for it. It’s easy to get lost within the sprawling biomes, so we will give you some tips to finding the right Flora, Fauna, and Resources. Then, of course, systems like Companions & Crew are a whole separate topic — they are a big part of the game to explore, pursue, and benefit from, and can completely change your experience. Our dedicated guides on these topics feature a lot of helpful tips, so make sure to take a look.

Of course, with how much time we spend exploring the corners of the space, it’s no wonder Spaceships get their own list of skills and gameplay systems. From building, customizing, and upgrading a ship, to piloting it, efficiently covering long distances, making it your home base, to the many combat maneuvers and interactions, there is a lot to grasp and master.

Our Tutorials for Starfield are far from all of the information we have to offer about the game: remember to check out extensive Character Creation guide, our Classes & Backgrounds, our guide on Crafting & Research, or our Database for the game, with many more guides to come!

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