An Invitation – Starfield Mission

The Sanctum Universum church in New Atlantis needs to send out reminders to past churchgoers. This is a great opportunity to learn more about one of the three religions in Starfield.

  • Quest Type: Misc
  • Location
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Planet: Jemison
    • City: New Atlantis
  • Rewards
    • 1000 Credits
    • 100 XP

From the spaceport launchpad, head straight and turn left up the ramp into the city. Cross the plaza to the NAT car used to travel around the city, and head to the Commercial District. Head straight across the corporate park, passing Galbank and the UC Distribution Center. Follow the path left and you’ll reach the Sanctum Universum church.

starfield an invitation sanctum universum church location
The Sanctum Universum Church

In front of the church, speak to Marcus Lestari and let him know you’re interested in the Sanctum Universum. Agree to go invite past visitors to church and he’ll provide three names for you to visit.

Regardless of the results of these conversations, you’ll receive a reward at the end.

Evie can be found very close to the Sanctum Universum church, walking near the sculpture in front of the Freestar Collective embassy. She won’t be very receptive to returning, but as long as you give her the slate your job is done.

After talking to Evie, turn back in the direction of the NAT car and start walking towards it. On the way there, stop at the UC Distribution Center and go inside. Johann enjoyed his time at the church, so it should be no problem to convince him to go back since he seems in-need of companionship.

starfield an invitation uc distribution center
The UC Distribution Center

Next, leave the distribution center and head left towards the NAT car. Choose the Spaceport as your destination and go inside Terrabrew on the right. His concern with returning to the church is the lack of certainty of religion, but he appreciates you delivering the tablet to him.

With the last slate delivered, take the NAT car back to the Commercial District and return to the church. Tell Marcus you’ve delivered all of the slates, and he’ll provide your reward. Quest Complete!

Which religion did you choose for your Starfield playthrough, or did you choose to ignore that trait in favor of something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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