Official Creations Content for Starfield Includes New Homes, Guns, Followers, Decor, and More

Along with the trailer for the game’s first DLC, Shattered Space, at the Xbox Games Showcase today, Bethesda Game Studios also announced that more content would be coming to the game today in the form of Creations.

Creations were first released for Skyrim and have now expanded to Starfield. They are mods that have been approved (or in some cases made) by the game’s developers. There are already several verified Creations, both free and paid, available on Bethesda’s Creations marketplace.

Players who purchased the Premium Edition of the game have been given 1000 credits to spend on any Creations they like. The Creations that are available currently range from 100 to 1000 credits each. And of course, there are plenty of free mods available, even including some official content from Bethesda.

Modders have been working on Starfield since it launched, but this is the first time that new official content is being released for the game. It’s also the first content that has been made using the complete modding toolkit, the Creation Kit, which allows creators to modify the game to a much greater degree than was previously feasible.

Let’s take a look at some of the day-one Creations that just became available! This is just the first wave of content that released today. There’s no telling what else might be in the pipeline. Skyrim proved that there is no limit to what modders can do to alter or improve a game when they’re given the tools and room to run.

Official Creations on offer from the Starfield developers themselves include the following as of today:

  • Ancient Mariner Module
    • Cost: 1000 credits
    • A decorating set for your outpost, ship, or house that includes 22 new antique-style items.
  • Trackers Alliance: The Vulture
    • Cost: 700 credits
    • A new bounty contract for the Trackers Alliance that sends you to hunt down a deadly sniper, with a special sniper rifle and two new outfits as a reward.
  • Constellation Plushie Set
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • 5 new plushies to collect that are modeled after your Constellation companions.
  • Observatory
    • Cost: FREE
    • A new observatory structure that can be built at your outposts.
  • Starborn Gravis Suit
    • Cost: FREE
    • A new spacesuit that resembles the armor worn by the Starborn.
  • Blackout Drumbeat Skin
    • Cost: FREE
    • A new skin for the Drumbeat gun that can be applied at any Weapon Workbench.

Here are a few of the Creations that were made by independent modders in the Verified Creators Program. They have all gone through an official QA and approval process with Bethesda Game Studios. There are many more available in the Creations store, including many free ones! We’ve listed only those that cost credits here.

  • D.E.R.E.K.
    • Creator: skinnytecboy
    • Cost: 300 credits
    • A new fully-voiced robot follower to accompany you in your travels.
  • Deluxe Dynamic Boostpacks
    • Creator: shadedness
    • Cost: 100 credits
    • Three new boostpacks for all of your exploration needs.
  • Enforcer – Tactical Pistol
    • Creator: NovaFinchCreations
    • Cost: 200 credits
    • A new ballistic pistol that uses .45 ACP, with many options for customizing as well as some unique variants to find.
  • Neon Ramen
    • Creator: PrincessMely
    • Cost: 400 credits
    • A new food stall for the city of Neon where you can pull up a stool and grab a bite to eat.
  • Poster Design Frames
    • Creator: Higeyosi
    • Cost: 100 credits
    • 18 new types and 30 new frames for Photo Mode so you can stylize your best screenshots.
  • Quantum Stealth Operations (QSO) Safehouse
    • Creator: MysticMadman
    • Cost: 500 credits
    • Adds a secret agent themed home to the game, a safehouse in Neon where you can find some new weapons and robot minions as well as a kiosk to stock up your weapons and ammo.
  • Skinthetics by Enhance!
    • Creator: Cookiemorph
    • Cost: 500 credits
    • Experience new quests and dungeons as you investigate a research program on a deserted station. You’ll unlock a new chem that will allow you to change the appearance of your character or any other human in the game.
  • Starsim: Mining Conglomerate
    • Creator: Vaernus
    • Cost: 500 credits
    • This Creation overhauls space mining and adds lots of new missions to the game as well as two new space stations. More features are planned in the future as well as additional modules that will make the game into a true space simulator.
  • TGs Luxury Homes Volume I
    • Creator: ModderTank_Girl444
    • Cost: 600 credits
    • This Creation adds not one, not two or three, but 30 buildable player homes, including your very own castle with gates and towers.
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